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5th Annual Panorama Challenge Final Scores!

Here’s the breakdown on scoring from Friday night’s 5th Annual Panorama Challenge:

Best Possible Score on Quiz: 76
Best Possible Essay Points: 15

Max Total Points: 91

40 Teams Began… 38 Teams Finished

Scores are the quiz score + essay points added after.

Welcome to My Bridge: 65+9: 74
5 Boro Thoroughs: 73
Committee on Manifest Errors: 66+5: 71

Queensian Inquisition: 66
Real NY Tours: 65
Magnets: 63
Automate This: 63
Board of Estimates: 62
1964 Worlds Unfairs: 62
Pomonok You Out: 55+7: 62
Old Yorkers: 61
Rufus King and the Pinkneys: 60
Gowfinger Gowanus: 56
Early Birds: 55
Oyster Bars: 54
The Coatracks: 53
Team Roebling: 53
Overpaid Babysitters: 53
Boro Boys: 51
Tammany Hall Stars: 50+5: 55
Major’s Deegan: 50
High Occupancy Victors: 46+4: 50
Playa Hot Sichuan Supper Club: 49
Prime Meridians: 48
Tag Along: 48
Due to an Earlier Incident: 48
Unispherics: 47
Fiorello’s Koch: 47
River Crossers: 46
Occupy Panorama: 43+3: 46
Not Romneys: 45
Outerbridge Crossing Guard: 42+3:45
Queens Dream Team: 44
Trustees: 42
How Do I get Home from Queens: 40
Sandhogs: 34
Brooklyn Tip Tops: 31

The Collect: did not finish
Dead Rabbits: did not finish

By Quizmaster Jonathan Turer

About Jonathan Turer

Jonathan is a five-time quizmaster for the Panorama Challenge and LUNY Tourguide for the last seven years.



  1. prime meridians says:

    Hey, we got no extra credit for the essays?

  2. What an awesome way to spend an evening and learn a lot about our city! The questions were unexpectedly difficult, but the event was very well organized and attended by a great group of “geography geeks”.

  3. It will almost certainly be a bit easier next year. Come back again!

  4. Easier? That almost doesn’t seem possible. :-)

    Mitch P (the fellow with the Muni Bldg sweatshirt)

  5. David Abbey says:

    It was a great event on Friday night at the QMA. I’d never been to the annual Panorama Challenge. I love the layout of the model of NY City and how it is kept updated for the most part. One suggestion I would have is to ditch the essay questions. I know that creativity was rewarded, but if it is a trivia contest, I think that factual answers should be the only ones to count.

    Thanks for hosting a great event.

    -Geography Geek.

  6. Flushing Meadows says:

    Agreed, ditch the essay questions. But they didn’t affect our overall standing so I was less bothered. I thought the questions were slightly more difficult than last year but really solid and intelligent overall.

  7. iammattlevy says:

    Guys – we have to include some creative essay type Qs for all the slightly-less-than-hardcore geography geeks that arrive to play. And the overarching response to the essay Qs was positive. So we’re keeping some sort of extra credit type around.

  8. Screw the no quibbling! This is New York… we quibble!

    Not for nothing… but the question about the Meat Packing District was poorly worded. One could have correctly answered Chelsea. Also, I knew the Jewish gangsters called Brownsville their turf but your laser pointers were way way off! They were pointing to St. Albins, Queens! I’m so mad about that! We had the answer correct but the wrong positioning of the lasers made us write down the wrong answer. Grrrrr

  9. Thanks for a great trivia night writ panoramic. Any thought to an award or extra points for best team names?

  10. I believe the second half scoresheet should belong to my group, the coatracks. You should check the handwriting–it should match up. We certainly completed the second half and turned it in

  11. Bill, The Coatracks score has been updated. Thanks for letting us know!

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