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Mark and Alisa’s Wedding Album!

We’re happy to share some photos from our wedding on June 10 at the Queens County Farm Museum and are thankful to all our friends and family who could join us for this blessed event.

Signing the Ketubah, the traditional wedding contract.

We made our own Chuppah, the traditional wedding canopy, from cloth we purchased from a Lower East Side fabric store. We then had it sewn by my local Pakistani tailor and attached to poles from an Orthodox Jewish lumberyard. New York City! After asking our friends to sign the fabric, we also gave out small pieces of the Chuppah poles to our guests as gifts. Cantor Lisa B Segal officiated and sang.

First kiss as husband and wife.

If you know us, then you know what city folks we are, through and through. However,  hosting our wedding at the Queens County Farm Museum, NY State’s oldest continually operated farm was a beautiful, historic way to celebrate our lives.

Although our wedding was down home at the farm, we NEVER forget our love for New York City. Ergo, our wedding cake toppers.

And if you couldn’t make the wedding in person, we hope this pictorial review can bring you there in spirit.

All our love,

The happily married couple, Mark Levy & Alisa Brot.

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  1. Dear Mark and Alisa (hey did you know that is my grandaughter’s name, same spelling),
    Just wanted to congratulate you both and wish you all the best of everything :o) !!!
    Great Pictures of the Happy Couple !!! Thanks for sharing :o)

  2. Mark

    I wish you happiness and joy for many many years to come!


  3. Touching, thanks for sharing.

  4. God’s Blessing on your marriage together.

  5. Wonderful! When I Madame LuLu LoLo read their fortunes at City Reliquary—I knew this day would come. Blessings on their union and much love and happiness always.

  6. Congratulations! What a wonderful celebration.

  7. MAZEL TOV MARK AND ALISA. MAY YOU HAVE MANY YEARS TOGETHER WITH GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. I love the way you did your wedding. No surprise as you run your tours the same way. New York city must appreciate how you used our city in this beautiful wedding.


  8. Thank you all

    I am the happiest man on earth and it only gets better and better

  9. Congratulations, Mark! Wonderful news!

  10. Rayna Bourke says:

    Congratulations on your big day! I wish you a world of happiness always.

  11. JACQUES PAQUET says:

    Congratulations to you both!
    Looked like a fabulous day.


  12. Congrats, Mark (and Alisa)! Good to see you looking so happy. My best to both of you. And the alpacas.

  13. Ai Ya! We missed it! Regrets…


  14. Ianthe Clough says:

    Congratulations Mark and Alisa!
    You both looked so happy, a fitting way to start your married life together! Wishing you much love, laughter and of course, many great adventures!!

  15. linda barnes says:

    Dear Mark and Alisa,
    Mazel Tov and many, many years of love and happiness.

    Mark, we went to a wedding this weekend and were telling people about the tour Matt gave for our friends, Josephine and Phil’s 40th anniversary. The culmination of the wonderous day was Matt taking us to your house where you welcomed us graciously and greeted us with champagne and good wishes. You are truly special people who deserve all of life’s blessings.

  16. neila swapp says:

    congrats. many years of wedded bliss.

    love the cake toppers!

  17. Josephine Tierno says:

    Dear Mark and Alisa,
    Linda Barnes shared this link. Phil and I want to wish you both along with your families a lifetime of good health and good times. May you always enjoy the love and happiness of this day. We are the couple from Greenpoint ,Brooklyn that because of a gift from our dear friends were able to get a tour given by your son Matt . ( by the way of whom you should be proud) Matt took us along with our friends Linda and John to our homes that we were born in , the St. Cecila’s Church where we were married , drove all around the old neighborhood to some of our special places. We ate lunch at one of our favorite pizza spots. Then your son was gracious enough to take us to your home, where you greeted us with a champagne toast. That was such a beautiful touch . The entire experience was one we will never forget . We still constantly talk about our special day thanks to our friends and you and Matt who was a fantastic guide. Just wanted to share this with you both , we just celebrated our 45 th Anniversary. We wish you and Alisa many,many,years of great travel and special tours together throughout your life’s journey.

  18. Joan Scherman says:

    Congratulations to you both! This is just great! You look so happy and so terrific! I send you wishes for a wonderful life……….

  19. Big "D" In Michigan says:

    Mark and Alisa,
    Have been thinking of you and finally got my act together to check out the Blog and see
    what the story was…………It was a LOVE STORY! Sorry we missed the fun and please
    accept all our Wishes for a Healthy, Love-Filled and Long Life together!!!!

    Love from your conservative friend in the Midwsest!!!!

    Hope to see you in Nashville -YEE HAA!!!

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