LUNY! was just named Best Private Tour of NYC with US News and World Report!

Jonathan Turer

Jonathan thought he might like to be a tour guide…ten years ago. But other jobs came first: admin at a hedge fund, pr agency, magazine photo editor, art gallery, art college, and real estate broker. But one day, while listening to the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC, he was introduced to the Levy family, who were hosting a New Yorker Know-It-All quiz. Jonathan passed with flying colors, and decided that his next (and best!) job would be a tour guide. He got his license immediately and the rest is history!

Jonathan has spent all but one year of his life within the orbit of NYC. He was born in Manhattan and spent his formative years in Staten Island before becoming part of the exodus from the city in the 1970s. Life in nearby suburban New Jersey was quiet and pleasant (yawn) but there was always the promise of a trip into the city (yes!). Christmas in Queens, Hannukah on the Upper West Side and Passover in Brooklyn meant that city life was never far away. He met his wife in college in Connecticut and the first time they left campus together it was to go to the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy! But the city beckoned and Jonathan returned to finish his undergraduate degree at the School of Visual Arts. After that, a year abroad in London for a MFA in Fine Arts. However, after a year without bagels or good pizza, it was back to the Big Apple.

Jonathan enjoys photographing and writing about the city as well as watching, with his sons, the best team in baseball history, the Yankees. And every once in a while he enjoys leaving the city for a hike in the mountains.