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Bike the Green Apple! An Easy, Breezy Bike Tour

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Join native New Yorker, licensed NYC tour guide and avid cyclist Matt Levy, co-owner of The Levys’ Unique New York! on a 15 mile bicycle ride highlighting the new, Green Apple and the seamless interplay between New Yorkers at work, visitors at play and the friendlier two-wheeled streets of New York City. Thanks to the Bloomberg administration, New York is bikeable like never before. Over 500 miles of bicycle lanes, supported by over 66% of New Yorkers. A third of the city was rezoned, providing dozens of new parks and acres of waterfront recreational spaces.

On our tour we’ll take it all in. Starting at Transportation Alternatives HQ in the former garment district, we’ll bike north to Herald & Times Square, where Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan turned a roaring car-heavy zone into two major pedestrian plazas, complete with chairs, tables, planters and people enjoying the hustle and bustle of the hub of NY. Then we’ll bike along separated bikeways on Broadway down to 30th street and over to the High Line to peek at this formerly industrial elevated railway, now one of the chicest parks on the planet.

After the High Line we’ll zip over to the Hudson River Greenway and scoot downtown, past the old industrial working waterfront, now transformed by trees, grass, livable, workable and recreational spaces into green piers and parkland. We’ll head past the new WTC site and over to the East River Bike path, then up and over the Brooklyn Bridge. Once on the Brooklyn side of the waterfront we’ll visit Brooklyn Bridge Park, an engineering marvel of planned wetlands that will act as soft terrain to absorb excess storm surges, as well as provide clean green air to breathe and multiple use parks for NYC’s future generations.

Tour run in coordination with Transportation Alternatives.