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Matt Levy

Matt Levy is a born and bred Brooklynite (REPRESENT!) who made a passion into a profession. Matt and his father Mark started the biz in 2003, although Mark ran the company and Matt worked for him, until they became partners in 2007. In 2010 they became equal partners and are the chief administrators for The Levys’ Unique New York! Matt books the Private tours while Mark books the Groups tours.

Matt is the proud father to two beautiful, rambunctious daughters Lila aged 5 and Rose aged 7 months. When not booking tours, giving tours or running the business, Matt is VERY busy with his girls as well as marrying people alongside his wife Jennifer Macfarlane.

Matt’s excitement for NY’s history, architecture, sociology, culture, food, drink and its unparalleled energy has made him an auto-didactic expert in all things New York. Matt’s favorite topics to expound about endlessly include the Brewing History of NYC, Graffiti and Street Art, and Brooklyn’s ever-changing borough.


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