Matt Levy

Matt LevyMatt Levy is a born and bred Brooklynite (REPRESENT!) who made a passion into a profession. Matt and his father Mark started the biz in 2003, although Mark ran the company and Matt worked for him, until they became partners in 2007. In 2010 they became equal partners and are the chief administrators as well as lead guides for The Levys’ Unique New York! Matt books the Private tours while Mark books the Groups tours.

Matt’s passion for old street signs and new street corners all started in the loving, lively and high-energy Levy household in the beautiful Ditmas Park West neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn. After his mother Ruth Weiss passed away in 1998, he wrote a eulogy titled “Encompass the Light” which won him a $10,000 college scholarship.  Matt has his BA in Performance Art / Poetry, which is really to say that he has a degree in Being Matt Levy. Which he’s exceptionally good at.

Matt’s excitement for NY’s history, architecture, sociology, culture, food, drink and its unparalleled energy has made him an auto-didactic expert in all things New York. Matt’s favorite topics to expound about endlessly include the Brewing History of NYC, Graffiti and Street Art, and Brooklyn’s ever-changing borough.

Matt has been pictured and quoted in the New York Times, Time Out New York, the Daily News, and other NYC culture blogs as an Expert New York City tour guide and font of information. As a freelance journalist he has also written articles about New York City for The L Magazine,, and other NYC blogs, but most frequently on the company blog,

To give back to the city he loves so much, Matt is the Vice President of The City Reliquary Museum and Civic Organization. The City Reliquary collects artifacts and ephemera from the five boroughs.

Matt just returned from a vacation in Mexico and Guatemala with his lovely lady Jennifer Macfarlane, and immediately after crashing their rental Vespa, Matt proposed to Jenny. She said yes, and consequently made him the happiest Matt Levy in Brooklyn.