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Super Bowl Boulevard

There’s no denying the fact that it’s Super Bowl weekend in NYC.  Super Bowl XLVIII is being held across the Hudson at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey. While the Broncos and the Seahawks go head to head for the Lombardi trophy, New Yorkers will be enjoying football madness on Super Bowl Boulevard in the heart of midtown.


Times Square will house the Vince Lombardi trophy for you to take your photo with, a toboggan run for you slide down, former NFL stars signing autographs, and a concert stage with bands such as the Café Wha? Band and Blondie.

Times Square is already one of the most crowded areas in Manhattan. Super Bowl Boulevard makes it even more so. The toboggan run, Lombardi trophy, and autographs are well worth it, but prepare to arrive early and wait in line. Bundle up and stay warm. The Super Bowl doesn’t often come anywhere near this neck of the woods, so come celebrate whether or not you are a big football fan. It’s what all New Yorkers are doing.


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