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PAST EVENT: Hell’s Kitchen Sandwich Tasting Walking Tour

SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st, 12noon-2pm! Join Jonah, self-professed Sandwich Crusader, on a two-hour walking tour through the history and philosophy between two pieces of bread. Jonah offers his own personal journeys through the world of sandwiches in NYC, while sharing his passion for meat, cheese, veggies and spreads in an open-faced dialogue on this hand-held meal from the Middle Ages.

Starting at Manganaro’s Heroboy Restaurant, you will hear the story of two feuding brothers from a family that claims to have given birth to the sui generis of sandwiches, the Hero, and their famous Chicken Parmagiano. From Manganaro’s, we’ll walk through Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood caught between the shipping industry along the Hudson River and the theater district of Times Square. HK has both a rough-and-tumble working-class history as well as cutting-edge culinary developments that is unlike any other neighborhood in the city.

Next we visit Amy’s Bread, a classic success story of a young entrepreneur who found her dreams baking some of the most popular bread in the city. After Amy’s, its over to Carve: Unique Sandwiches” for a taste of their “Fourth of July Picnic” sandwich.

Moving to Sullivan Street Bakery, this hidden little spot has been crafting some very unique sammy combos. Their team has brewed up a BLT alternative that may just knock you to the floor: Pancetta, Mango and Basil. Finally, no Sandwich tour would be complete without visiting Sandwich Planet, a place that prides itself on jaw-dropping variety and plain, simple “two-fisted All-American sandwiches”.

Once filled up with sandwiches and philosophy, the tour will conclude at The Pony Bar for refreshing American microbrewed beers. Beer costs are not included in price of tour.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 21st, 12noon-2pm!
Cost: $25, meets at Manganaro’s Heroboy
494 9th avenue between 37th and 38th streets.
Cost includes tastes of 5 sandwiches.

Tour ends at Pony Bar on 9th and 45th.
Showup at 11:45am! Sandwiches wait for no man!

RSVP: [email protected]
Paypal your $25 Hells’ Kitchen Sandwich Walking Tour fee to: [email protected]