Bohemians and Beats of Greenwich Village

Tour by Foot & Subway

A 2-hour history and literary walking tour of world famous Greenwich Village.

Bohemian and Beat Poets of Greenwich Village

A two-hour historic New York literary tour of the streets and stoops where world-famous writers and musicians gave birth to some of the most culturally significant eras of the 20th century.

Explore this world-famous neighborhood on our enchanting Greenwich Village literary walking tour where we discover the cultural epicenter for America’s artists, anarchists, poets, and painters in the early 20th century. Understand the neighborhood’s progression from rural farmhouses to raucous performances. The Bohemians, the Beats, and the Folkies all contributed to Greenwich Village and America’s first literary and intellectual community.

Listen to poetry by Greenwich Village’s famous residents while learning about Washington Square Park’s history.

Contemplate the site of the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and note how it contributed to labor, safety, and fire code reforms. Walk through Washington Square Park, home to New York University and watch students at work. Tour includes literary performances of poems by Edgar Allan Poe, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan.

After the academic portion of this walking tour, we take time to see how this vibrant area still attracts artists of all mediums – music, dance, artisan cuisine, and even mixology! Greenwich Village is truly a world-class neighborhood with centuries of compelling history as well as a bubbling nightlife, art scene, and dining district. Let the Levys’ show you top-notch galleries, jumping music venues, and cutting-edge restaurants alongside the coolest dive bars and some of the best pizza and hot dogs New York has to offer!