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HEY HO! LETS GO! Punk Rock on the Bowery Pub Crawl & Walking Tour

HEY HO! LET’S GO! To the Bowery, a neighborhood in NYC’s Lower East Side, which is responsible for shaping the streets and culture in cities around the world. From the Gangs of New York in the 1850s to the Punks of the Bowery in
the 1970s, you will realize how the only major difference between these two disparate cultures is 125 years and electricity.

And since HEY HO! LET’S GO! is best run as a pub crawl, after a couple of pints of beer (and exciting stories and history) you’ll believe us!

A New York City Music & Culture Walking Tour of the Lower East Side

Learn about the Astor Place Opera House riots of 1849 – NY’s first mosh pit! Also see pictures and understand the Civil War Draft Riots of 1863. The colorful cast of characters on this tour include the Bowery B’hoys – tough Irish youth that grouped together and established their identity through fashion, slang, drink, drug, crime and the Sportin’ Life. We explain this exciting period in NY’s history at a sufficiently dusty yet delicious bar within walking distance of our starting point.

Go from 19th century saloon to 20th century dive bar and from 1850s LES to New York City in 1977; bankrupt and renamed The Rotting Apple. This was the backdrop in which NYC teenagers, disenchanted with 1960s folk music on Bleecker Street and 1970s disco-decade, started to create their own revolution at the legendary CBGBs. These “punks” changed culture with their own urban looks, music, slang, booze, drugs, dance, and lifestyle. This part of the tour is at a grotty punk rock dive bar along the route.

Drinks at each bar are pay-as-you-go. HEY HO! LETS GO! can be led without the bar stops. This tour is great for birthday parties, bachelor/ette events and general carousing in NYC!