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Dahlia Lopez Ramsay

Dahlia Lopez Ramsay is a born and raised New Yorker hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Like most New Yorkers she is a descendent of immigrant grandparents – hailing from Jamaica and Puerto Rico – and revels in the unending diversity and contradictions of her city.

Did you know the borough of Queens speaks over 170 languages and dialects?? And that’s just Queens!!

She holds a bachelors degree in Urban Studies and Planning and as an avid urban cyclist, has a endless, unmediated love for the ever-evolving organism better known as “the city”.

Having been a long time double decker tour guide, she has perfected the art of the interactive tour – a very necessary skill for groups that arrive, tired, overwhelmed or just plain distracted by the adventure that is New York.

iPad in hand, she is an educator by nature and believes that it is important to customize a tour around a group’s specific interests, lived experiences and street-life spontaneity.

Dahlia’s goal is to make people miss being in New York before they even leave it and have their next trip to New York already envisioned. In the meantime, she’ll give your regards to Broadway.

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