You got questions? We got answers!


  • Chevron down Q: Does LUNY provide the bus and bus driver in its tour package?
  • A: No we don’t. However, we can book transportation for your group. Buses, mini-coaches, full size coaches, you name it, we can book it.

  • Chevron down Q: Does LUNY have any meal recommendations for lunch or dinner?
  • A: We sure do! It’s our job to know our city, and we can make suggestions for any and all group sizes for a place to eat that’s an energetic, authentic dining establishment to fit any personal or group budget. From $5 for a slice of NY Pizza and a can of Coke to $25 for sushi, salad, a sandwich and a slice of NY cheesecake, whatever the personal budget, we can figure it out. We also book group meals at restaurants that complement the tour.

  • Chevron down Q: How much should we tip LUNY guides?
  • A: It is customary to tip guides, like all service industry professionals, upon the completion of a job well done. We recommend approximately a couple of bucks ($0-$15) per hour per guide. Guides prefer cash at the end of their tour, but arrangements can be made to include the tip in the tour fee.

  • Chevron down Q: How do I confirm that my guide will be at the RPRT (right place, right time)?
  • A: We instruct all our guides to call the Tour Manager / group leader the afternoon / night before the tour to confirm meeting times, places, itinerary, and length of tour.

  • Chevron down Q: What if my group is late?
  • A: If the group will be late, please contact the guide at the number provided by the tour company. If you can’t get in touch with your tour manager, please call Mark and he will contact the guide.

  • Chevron down Q: What if my group is early and the guide is not present / unreachable by phone?
  • A: Hang out! Most of our guides commute by subway, and the NYC Subway system does not allow for cell phone conversation while underground (…yet) but we can assure you that although you might not be able to get in touch with them, they’re on their way.

  • Chevron down Q: Whom should I call if I can’t get in touch with the guide?
  • A: Text Mark (917) 667-6645 first, as he is the Director of Tour Guides and can attempt to locate the guide. If Mark is unavailable, check in with Matt (718) 930-4768.

  • Chevron down Q: Can the buses stick together as they sightsee New York?
  • A: We prefer the buses to split up, so as to prevent Tour-Lock (the tour coach version of gridlock), but in every tour, most of the groups will end up seeing the same things on the same route.

  • Chevron down Q: Can you help us plan our itinerary prior to our trip?
  • A: We’d be delighted to! As native New Yorkers (represent!) we take tremendous pride in the local and tourist knowledge of our city. Ask questions and inquire advice – it’s our pleasure and our specialty.

  • Chevron down Q: Does the tour have time for bathroom breaks and/or shopping excursions?
  • A: Absolutely. We encourage groups to use the bathroom before they leave for the city, but either because of traffic delays or scheduling conflicts we realize this is not always possible. Therefore we plan a bathroom break early on in the tour. And what group that comes to NYC doesn’t want to go shopping?!? We can also schedule shopping blitzes through the more exhilarating neighborhoods of the city, IE Canal St, SoHo, Fifth Avenue, etc.

  • Chevron down Q: How can a large group hear the guide over the hustle and bustle of NYC traffic / How do we make sure our students & adults don’t lose the guide?
  • A: We utilize small, portable amplification devices that are mini microphone and amp systems that make it easy for large groups to hear over the noise. We also require all our guides to use a minimum 3 ft. tall baton (lightsabers, umbrellas, magic wands, Mr. Flaggy, etc) in order for groups to follow through the incredible and distracting sights and lights of the city.

  • Chevron down Q: Can our group take a ride on the NYC Subway?
  • A: Sure they can! No visit to NYC is complete without a ride on the most comprehensive public transit system in the world. We can schedule a short (or long) subway trip as part of the tour, but there needs to be sufficient time to do so, as well as a budgetary agreement, both for the price of the ride, as well as an additional tour fee.

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