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LUNY! Transportation Options

Chauffeured Vehicles:

We can provide chauffeured vehicles for Private Tour Groups, which include the following options:

5 Passenger Cadillac Escalades & SUVs; 14 passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans; 22-24 passenger Executive style minicoaches. Rates can include driver gratuity, if requested. Talk to Matt about booking a chauffeured vehicle for your trip!

Wheels for Groups of 20+ (Motor coaches and buses)

We work with a number of transportation companies and quotes are based on specific dates and itineraries. In almost all cases there is a four-hour minimum. Quotes will include driver’s tips and all fees.

Subways and New York City Buses:

New York has the most extensive and, we New Yorkers believe, the best public transit system in the world. First constructed in 1904, it originally consisted of three privately owned and operated systems.

The first, the Interboro Rapid Transit (IRT) started in 1904. The second, the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit (BMT) started in the late 1910s. The third, The Independent Transit System (IND) was started in 1932. Many older New Yorkers (including Gramma Levy!) still remember these three companies and refer to todays’ numbered and lettered subway lines by their original terms of IRT, BMT and IND. It runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (and is the ONLY subway system to do so!) This is one of the reasons NYC is known as the City That Never Sleeps and is a major boon to our extraordinary nightlife.

Vintage Tea Party Aboard The Vintage NYC Subway Trains. Every year the MTA (the Parent Company of the NYC Subway) runs vintage subway trains on Saturdays in December along the F line. For the last five years now, LUNY! has held a Vintage Tea Party aboard them; in 2011 we had 500 people attend including three live vintage jazz bands. It was a hoot!

Subways and Metrocards: A single ride costs $2.75. Most regular riders purchase either 7-day ($30) or Monthly Passes ($112). Many visitors purchase cash-value Metrocards for $10 or $20. You can purchase Metrocards in any subway station from an Metrocard vending machine.

How to use your Metrocard: The card must be swiped through a horizontal slot. Hold the card with the word “Metrocard” facing you. Swipe it through in one fluid motion – not too fast; not too slow; juust riight! There is a LED reader that will tell you “Go” if you’ve swiped successfully. We tell our student groups: “Not too fast, not too slow, wait for it to tell you go!”

You may also use your Metrocard on a NYC bus for the same cost as a ride on the NYC Subway.

Water Taxis, Ferries and Sightseeing Cruises:

New York is a both a river port (Hudson River) and a seaport (Atlantic Ocean) and its the island harbor and riverfront that brought New York its awesome economic power. Only the Hudson River is a true river. The East River is not a river: it’s a tidal estuary, which means that it’s mostly salt and the tide changes depending on the time and day. The East River connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Long Island Sound.

Before the great bridges were built, New York City had one of the most extensive ferry and water traffic in the world. Seeing NY from the water is essential to understanding how and why NYC works.

Staten Island Ferry

This famed ferry transports thousands of Staten Island commuters and tourists from around the world across Upper New York Bay from St. George, SI to Battery Park on the very southernmost tip of Manhattan. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For tourists and NYers in the know, it’s the cheapest date in NYC. How cheap? FREE! We can arrange a trip on the Staten Island Ferry with absolutely zero ticket cost!

New York Water Taxi

LUNY! has worked with NY Water Taxi for many years and can obtain discount group tickets for their one-hour Statue of Liberty Express. This is a quick and easy alternative to Statue Cruise’s Liberty Island Ferries. The SOL Express gets up close (and personal!) to Lady Liberty for better pictures than when standing on Liberty island itself; additionally the captains make sure that there is plenty of time to get those once-in-a-lifetime photos.

The Statue of Liberty express also sails up both the Hudson East Rivers, providing fantastic views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Fulton Ferry, and the Brooklyn shoreline. There is no security check, no long lines, and the water taxi has both a comfortable inside cabin and an open upper deck. LUNY! can purchase discounted group tickets for this ferry.

Statue Cruises

Statue Cruises runs boat trips to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. To many tourists, no visit to New York would be complete without heading out to visit the iconic Lady of the Harbor and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. LUNY! can purchase discounted group tickets for these ferries. They depart and return from both Battery Park in Manhattan and Liberty State Park in NJ. We recommend at least two hours for the entire experience.

For the Liberty Island departure, you need one hour for the line and airport level security upon departure, a 15-minute ride to Liberty Island, a 10-minute ride to Ellis Island and then a 30-minute return to Battery Park.

The NJ boats go to Ellis Island first, then Liberty Island, then return to Liberty State Park. We recommend that groups staying in NJ depart directly from Liberty State Park (where there is hardly ever any line) to Ellis, then on to Liberty Island, then return to Battery Park, where they can meet up with their buses.

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