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Gideon Levy

Gideon LevyGideon Levy has been a Tour Guide for The Levys’ Unique New York since 2004 and owner and Da Boss of NYC Gangster Tours since 2011, New York’s best tour business focusing exclusively on the history of Organized Crime on our streets. A fan of fine food and sharp outfits, he can often be found around town seeking out the best (cheap) restaurants and artisinal cocktails. Gid is proud to live the New York life to the fullest! He lives in Brooklyn with his fiancee Danielle and their two delightful, bossy dogs Betty and Bugsy and is actively with Brooklyn Badass Dog Rescue, saving poor pups from unfortunate fates. His other hobbies and passions include fiction writing, Jiu Jitsu, city cycling, and comic book & sci-fi lore.

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