Coming to see Bruce on Broadway? We've got a tour down the Jersey Shore!

Jonah Levy

jonah-bioJonah Levy was born in Brooklyn, NY and brought up in his eccentric family of NYC tour guides. He enjoys tapping into the deep well of street art, ethnic cuisine and grass-roots culture that Brooklyn and the boroughs of New York have to offer. With a background in performance and logistics, Jonah enjoys curating and producing many arts projects. In the summer of 2015, Jonah traveled across the country bringing pop-up street fairs to unique locations. In June of 2016, he co-produced a solar-powered music festival called Destination Moon. Through extensive travel and a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Jonah strives to elevate personal geography and the communities we observe, interact with and impact in a significant way. His immersive experiences are designed to tap into our enthusiasm, knowledge and value in the spaces around us.