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Megan Marod

Megan came to New York from Florida to follow her dreams of becoming a Broadway Star. And she has worked on Broadway! She has also found a new passion – Tour Guiding.

Performing has always been in Megan’s blood, but she also has an undying love of history. In fact, she has a B.A. in history from the University of Michigan. It turned out that tour guiding was the perfect combination of performing and history. She understands that people come to New York to learn, have a fabulous time, and be happy. She aims to provide everyone taking her tour with a healthy helping of New York stories and little known facts delivered in a fun and energetic fashion. The goal of her tours is to make everyone a little more in love with New York than they were beforehand, and to unlock their curiosity for the rich history of this beautiful and diverse city. Megan especially loves talking about the arts in New York and how artists have continually helped shaped the city and its many neighborhoods. If you have any questions about life in the theatre, on any level, in New York, Megan is the girl to ask. She can also tell you anything you want to know about “Gossip Girl,” is a member of New York’s “Amateur Astronomers Association,” and is pretty sure she has tasted all of the ice cream there is in Manhattan.

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