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TGoTM June: Catie Shelley!

Full Name: Catherine Shelley (but I go by Catie!)

Grew up: Rothesay, New Brunswick Canada

Live now: Edgewater, NJ

I moved to New York in 2008 for a graduate degree in Opera. Singing has always been my passion and I am still performing to this day.

If money were no option, I would still choose to live in Edgewater, NJ. I have a great commute, amazing skyline views of NYC, and a giant Whole Foods in my town (Very exciting)! The only change is that I would definitely own a huge mansion that would rival Ice-T and Coco (who live down the street) 🙂

I do not think I could ever live anywhere else because NYC is the most exciting city I have ever experienced. There are endless restaurants, shows, museums, events. I have not been able to find that anywhere else!

My tour groups do not know that I have a third degree brown belt in two styles of karate: Shotokan and Chito-Ryu. Safety for my groups is of the utmost importance so they can rest assured, I can bust out some karate moves if necessary.

Picking my favorite neighborhood is hard because I find so many things I love in each and every part of NYC. But if I HAVE to pick a favorite, I pick the West Village (slightly biased because I graduated from NYU). There are so many fun jazz clubs, restaurants, and dessert options to explore. There is something haunting and beautiful about that neighborhood!

There are over 20,000 restaurants in NYC so it’s REALLY hard to pick just one (usually I pick according to neighborhood). Here are a few of my favorites: Bourbon Street Bar & Grille (restaurant row), Room Service (9th ave), Fraunces Tavern (Financial District), Alice’s Tea Cup (Upper West).

My favorite tour: I LOVE touring Central Park on a beautiful day. DUMBO and Greenwich Village are also really fun.

Piece of Advice:
I have learned that it is so important to read your group! What are their interests? Their ages? Are they done with talking about history and want to keep walking instead? Reading their expressions and preferences can help to make their experience that much more positive!

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