Financial $tudies of NYC

Tour by Foot & Subway

A walking tour of Lower Manhattan focusing on the Financial District and NYC’s pre-colonial history.


A two-hour discussion and dialogue about the Birth of New York as an epicenter of trade, commerce and (most importantly!) tolerance, from the Dutch Settlers to the English colony.

Tour Description

This walking tour of the Financial District in Lower Manhattan highlights New York’s role as the economic capital of the US and a model of tolerance, long before the 20th century! Even before Europeans explorers arrived in 1609, the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans traded their wampum up and down the Atlantic coast, setting a precedent for centuries of economic business. Once The Dutch West India Company established the tiny company town of New Amsterdam as a trading post, you could say that NY’s financial future was sealed.

Your Engaging, Entertaining, Educational and Energetic tour guide will cover the following sites and stories: Battery Park and the Netherland Monument, The National Museum of the American Indian at the Alexander Hamilton Customs House, the famous Charging Bull sculpture, Lower Broadway, the of New York Stock Exchange, and the Federal Hall National Monument. The tour will conclude with a moving explanation of the events of 9/11 at the World Trade Center Site and a discussion on NYC’s financial futures, all stemming from a tiny trading post on the Hudson River.