Financial $tudies of NYC

Tour by Foot & Subway

A walking tour of Lower Manhattan focusing on the Financial District and NYC’s earliest history.

Financial $tudies & the Birth of New York City

This walking tour of Wall Street and the Financial District in Lower Manhattan highlights New York’s role as the economic capital of the US.Even before the Europeans explorers arrived in the early 1600s, the Lenai Lenape Indians used their high quality wampum, made from oyster shells found in the bays and rivers to trade up and down the Atlantic Coast. The Dutch West India Company established  the tiny colony (and company town) of New Amsterdam as a trading post for fashionable furs brought down the Hudson River by Indians and fur traders.

It rapidly grew and attracted traders and merchants from throughout Europe and South America. This tradition of the Dutch focus on enterprise lives on to this day in the bustling economic engine of NY. The British, who seized the city and renamed it New York in 1664 continued this emphasis and made New York the capital of British North America. After the Revolution with the establishment of the NY Stock Exchange in 1792 with the famed Buttonwood Agreement  merchants and traders continued to thrive, and  NY remained the nation’s economic center.

The building of the Erie Canal connected NY to the Midwest via the Hudson River and The Great Lakes and cemented this role. The Civil War and NY’s role in providing supplies, provisions, uniforms, arms, ships and soldiers enhanced its economic power, as did each war in our history. NY’s banks financed the building of the transcontinental railroad system and the vast expansion of international trade and  commerce into the 20th Century. NY’s primary economic sectors of finance, communications, real estate, retail, fashion, technology, education and trade continue well into the 21st Century.

The tour includes  The Alexander Hamilton Old Customs House (now home to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian) views of NY adn American Stock Exchange and Federal Hall National Monument. Optional visits to The American Museum of Finance and New York Federal Reserve Gold Vaults and 9/11 Memorial can be included.