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Private Tour of the Jewish Lower East Side

Tour by Foot & Subway

An entertaining and educational tour of the most famous Jewish neighborhood in America.


A two-hour tour throughout the Lower East Side, covering immigration history, socialist politics, labor unions, the rise and fall of the Jewish Gangsters and more! So nu, what are you waiting for!?

Tour Description

A fascinating tour of the most famous Jewish neighborhood in America. From the first Sephardic settlers in the 17th century through the German and Central European Jews who arrived in the mid-19th century to the “unwashed masses” of Eastern European Ashkenazi in the 1890s, all of these communities have stories in the Lower East Side. Trace their epic struggle to assimilate with our powerful and passionate tour guide.

Tour visits the following sites (exteriors only) –

  • The Eldridge Street Project
  • the Forward Building
  • Beth Madras Hagadol Synagogue
  • East Broadway Mikvahs and other Jewish-Service buildings
  • Stanton Street Shul
  • The Last NYC Public Baths
  • Orchard street Tenement Buildings
  • The former Streit’s Matzo Factory building
  • The Williamsburgh Bridge (aka the Jewish Gangplank)
  • Strauss Square
  • the Essex Street Market
  • and more if time permits.

Tour meets at the Visitors Center of the Tenement Museum unless otherwise requested.

We’re also happy to accommodate noshing requests into this tour – from pickles and pastrami to bagels and bialys, noshing fees are pay-as-you-go. Tell Matt you want a Noshing LES Tour upon booking! 

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