Private Tour of Street Art in DUMBO and Bushwick, Brooklyn

Tour by Foot & Subway

A 3-hour sociological street art tour comparing DUMBO & Bushwick, Brooklyn!


On our three-hour Private Tour, your awesome LUNY! tour guide will explain the difference between graffiti and street art, as well as the gentrification statuses of two cool but very different Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Tour Description

What’s the difference a stencil and a wheatpaste? How about commissioned street art vs. permissioned street art? Can you tell a post-gentrified neighborhood and one that’s right in the middle of it? Let our awesome and passionate tour guides escort you through Brooklyn’s two most street-art strewn neighborhoods while explaining the difference between the two as well as pointing out details of gentrification in both.

You’ll be able to see what makes these two distinctive Brooklyn neighborhoods so exciting for very different reasons. DUMBO is chic, cool, clean, post-industrial and stuffed with Scandinavian design stores. Bushwick is hipster, gritty, active-industrial, and chock-full of street art, cafes, galleries, and restaurants. See the Bushwick Collective and learn all about how it came to be.