Uptown & Harlem Highlights

Tour by Foot & Subway

Learn about the African-American Heritage & History of Harlem


A 2-hour tour focusing on the African-American heritage and history of Harlem.


Come Uptown on a 2-hour tour that explores Harlem. From the World-Famous Apollo Theater to Sugar Hill and Striver’s Row, your Engaging, Entertaining, Educational and Energetic tour guide will explain all about the Great Migration of African Americans during the two World Wars. Along 125th street aka the Heart of Harlem, see the site of the Teresa Hotel, the Malcolm X Memorial, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Grange and the Malcolm Shabazz African Market. Also your awesome LUNY! guide will point out the changing face of Harlem, where previously broken-down brownstones now sell for millions of dollars and fancy wine bars and classy restaurants pepper the neighborhood. It’s a literal Second Harlem Rennaisance and you can experience it firsthand!