Walk the Majestic Brooklyn Bridge

Tour by Foot & Subway

A 2-hour walking tour over New York’s majestic bridge highlighting its engineering and amazing history.


Meet your LUNY! guide for an awe-inspiring 2-hour walking tour that highlights the engineering marvel, city politics, historical personalities, family tragedies and civic triumphs that resulted in the most famous Bridge in America. Our tour includes a 45-minute walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and a stroll through DUMBO to Fulton Ferry Landing and Brooklyn Bridge Park for awe-inspiring views of Manhattan and the New York Harbor.

Tour Decription

The Brooklyn Bridge is a work of art, architecture, civil engineering, civic pride & history. A job with absolutely no precedent – when the Great Bridge was completed in 1883, it was twice as tall, twice as long and twice as heavy as any bridge in comparison. And it was built by hand and steam-driven construction cranes – well before the age of electricity! The bridge took 14 years to construct, claimed the lives of 20 construction workers AND the bridge’s designer. The Brooklyn Bridge was so one-of-its-kind upon its completion that it quickly became a worldwide sensation. Learn all about its building as well as the borough on the other side on our fun and fun-ducational private tour!

15 Fun Facts About the Brooklyn Bridge!

1.  The People’s Day, May 24th 1883, was the biggest party NYC had ever seen since the opening of the Erie Canal, almost 60 years earlier. Fireworks erupted over the East River for an hour and celebrations lasted until dawn. All this despite the fact that Washington Roebling and William Kingsley (the driving political force behind the bridge) simply wanted to put up a sign saying “The Bridge is Finished.”

2.  150,300 people crossed the bridge on opening day in 1883, including President Chester A. Arthur and NY Governor (and future President) Grover Cleveland. Chief Engineer Washington Roebling never stepped foot onto the bridge.

3.  1,800 vehicles crossed the bridge on opening day in 1883, each paying five cents.

4.  The length of the river span is 1,595 feet 6 inches.

5.  Total length of the Bridge is 5,989 feet.

6.  The height of the towers above the water is 276 feet.

7.  Total length of wires in each of the 4 cables is 3,515 miles.

8.  Ultimate strength of each cable: 24,621,780 pounds.

9.  Total weight of the bridge is 14,680 tons.

10.  Cost of original construction was $15,100,000.

11.  21 people died in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, including John Roebling.

12.  John Roebling initially estimated that the bridge would take 5 years to complete.  It took almost 14 years.

13.  The bridge was designed to be 6 times stronger than needed.  Because of low-grade wires used to make some of the cables, the bridge is only 4 times stronger than needed.

14.  Con man William McCloundy was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for “selling” the Brooklyn Bridge to a tourist in 1901.
(We would NEVER do something like that!)

15.  144,000 vehicles cross the Brooklyn Bridge each weekday.