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Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein has deep family roots in New York City, mirroring the classic immigrant experience from Ellis Island to the Lower East Side. This background has inspired an ongoing quest for the best of the city past and present, from the suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge to the hot pastrami at Katz’s deli. He moved from the depths of Jersey to Manhattan’s Morningside Heights at 18 for college and has since split his time between Tel Aviv and New York City.

He studied American History at Columbia University under Kenneth Jackson, one of the all time great historians of New York City. After college he worked for a few years in finance by Wall Street and in Midtown before heading back to school in Israel, where he earned an MA in Archeology from Bar Ilan University and got his start in tourism.

Jonathan currently guides tours in both New York and Israel, depending on the season. He loves tracing the city’s history, from the footprints of George Washington to those of Malcolm X, and exploring hidden gems from pizza slices to jazz clubs. He sees New York City as an endless playground of culture, history, and energy where every day seems to yield a new adventure.

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