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Robin Garr

Like all NYC guides, I am passionate about New York City and delight in sharing its complex history and ecosystem with visitors. However, I did not begin life in New York and I did not start my career as a tour guide.

For over 25 years I have lived in midtown Manhattan, but I first visited NYC as a wide-eyed teenager to fulfill my dream of showing horses at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden. I felt an instant connection to this city as I stood on 33rd street near Eighth Ave, right at the entrance to Madison Square Gardens, holding the reins of a six-year-old Thoroughbred show horse. Both the horse and I were enthralled in watching regular New Yorkers stand in line for their breakfast bagel. At that moment I told my father I was going to live in New York City one day.

After earning a BFA in fine arts and an Masters in art history and landed in the professional museum world. For the next 25 years I developed a love of researching and creating experiences for the public as a curator and educator. I have always viewed NYC as a “giant museum” that I love to explore with friends and family. Therefore, over the years I re-invented myself as a licensed NYC guide and it has turned out to be the best job I’ve ever had.

New York City encompasses cutting-edge contemporary people, places and happenings juxtaposed with historical figures, sites and events, incredible diversity and creative energy — there’s just no place else quite like it. Now I get to share this great metropolis and the best bagels, cannoli, and pizza, with people from all over the world!

I promise you great memories in the greatest city on Earth.

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