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The 10 Most Romantic Locations in NYC!

NYC Story

Where are the most romantic locations in NYC? For romance… or maybe popping a specific question! These are places you could return with a future family to tell the kids, “Yes, its true, (insert-name-of-spouse) and I agreed to tie the knot right here.” We could even devise a private tour that ends in the romantic locale of your choosing!

10. Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

There’s nothing like it. In summer, all in bloom; in winter, when its just you and your loved one. Olmstead and Vaux’ “Heart of the Park,” will forever be your cherished memory.

9. Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center

Because nothing best exemplifies your future spreading out in front of you like the sweeping views from their Observation Deck. Plus, you can boast “I gave her a rock, on Top of the Rock!”

romantic locations in nyc

8. Brooklyn Bridge

There is no better, stronger symbol of building bridge to your future  than the majestic Brooklyn Bridge. Built in 1883 and designed to last for 1000 years. And we have proof – It worked for Blake and Jess!

romantic locations in nyc

7. The Cloisters

Going a bit off the beaten path, this one is for Museum lovers and aficionados of solitude and reflection. At the top of Manhattan, in Fort Tryon park, the Museum celebrates Medieval culture and has a stunning view of the Hudson River.

romantic locations in nyc

6. Wave Hill, da Bronx

This 28 acre public garden in the NW Bronx was built in the style of an English garden. Resident Mark Twain once wrote about Winter in Wave Hill – “I believe we have the noblest roaring blasts here I have ever known on land; they sing their hoarse song through the big tree-tops with a splendid energy that thrills me and stirs me and uplifts me and makes me want to live always.” Whatta romantic location in NYC!

5. Staten Island Ferry

Hey, it worked for Melanie Griffith in Working Girl! The free, perennially tourist packed half-hour boat ride stil gives the best views of the city. Bonus- you can drink beer on the boat!

romantic locations in nyc

4. Prospect Park’s Boathouse

Tucked away inside Olmstead and Vaux’s masterpiece, the PP Boathouse is a Victorian wonder overlooking a tranquil lake.

romantic locations in nyc

3. Coney Island’s Cyclone Roller Coaster

Just whatever you do, please dont try and propose WHILE ON the coaster itself. We dont you losing the ring. Do it as the coaster slides back into the carriage house. Quoth the Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Love is a roller coaster!”

2. Underneath the Unisphere, Flushing-Meadow Corona Park

Surrounded by the ethnic enclaves of the most diverse population in America, underneath a great emblem of peace and diversity, and walking distance from awesome celebratory feasts in Flushing.

romantic locations in nyc

1! Grand Central Terminal’s Whispering Columns

We saved the best for last. Bring your beloved to the lower level of GCT, right outside the Oyster Bar. Have her (or him!) stand facing the wall in one of the corners, and have them listen. Go to the opposing corner and face the wall. Whisper into the corner; thanks to the extraordinary acoustics of the Guastavino tiled ceiling, your words will carry perfectly to your lovers’ ears, as if you were standing right next to them. Thats when you tell them you love ’em!

Do you know anyone who has proposedromantic locations nyc in NYC? Tourists or New Yorkers? Let us know if we left any key spots off the list!

By the (ecstatically engaged!) Matt Levy


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