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15 Tips to Be a New Yorker

NYC Story Tour Story

New Yorkers

…and if these don’t get you there, book a private tour!

1. The best people watching is to be done in Union Square not Times Square.

Times Square is what happens when you crawl into the TV in your living room on the commercial break – and with a lot less personal space.

2. If its free and sold out, go anyway.

Due to the fact that it’s impossible for more than 4 New Yorkers to coordinate their lives to show up in the right place at the right time, there’s almost always someone looking to get rid of a hot ticket at the last minute.

3. Dont get on the train car that mysteriously has no people on it.

Trust us.

4. The longer the line the faster it moves –

New Yorkers dont line up for just anything, just anywhere. If the line seems as if its not worth the wait, remember that if New Yorkers can manage to wait for something, so can you.

5. Always know where you’re going, except when in Central Park.

That’s right, go north of 72nd street and get lost. No really get lost. Its kind of the point.

6. Ask A New Yorker!

If the first person cannot answer your question, than the New Yorker eavesdropping will. Besides, we’re notoriously egotistical, so everyone will have a different answer.

7. If you leave New York without taking the subway, then you never went.

Think of it as a backstage pass to New York’s sidewalk performance.

8. Speak Up!

We’ve suffered some hearing loss in our incredibly loud city, so there’s no such thing as an “inside voice”.

9. Order it to the T.

You want your sandwich toasted? With egg whites? Honey dijonnaise? And turkey bacon!?! In the city of such exponential diversity, modifications of all kinds are expected and accommodated. Have it your way, our way.

10. Just because you’re eating pizza in New York, does not mean you’re eating New York pizza.

Ask us for a recommendation!

11. Neale Donald Walsch said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Remember, New York City is an adventure, not a vacation. Though with The Levys’ Unique New York!,  it can be both! (Shameless plug.)

12.  New Yorker hospitality is not an oxymoron.

But it is a language to be picked up very quickly.


(suggested by Dan Schwartzman)

14. You cannot see the Empire State Building from the Empire State Building.

Think about it.

15. If the (theater-restaurant-bar-club-etc.) is a 10 block walk away, put down your smartphone and enjoy it.

No walk is long in the most visually stimulating city in the world.


-Dahlia Lopez Ramsay

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