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8 Must-See NYC Globes

NYC History

1) The Unisphere

Commemorating the beginning of the space age, this amazing 12-story structure is the largest in the world weighing over 700,000 pounds. First unveiled for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, the symbol was erected with the theme “Peace Through Understanding” in mind.

2) Trump International Hotel and Tower

Nestled in Central Park West, this tower hovers over Broadway and Central Park West, and was featured in the movie Tower Heist. This 1970 tower boasts jaw-dropping views of Manhattan and its crown jewel: Central Park!

3) Paramount Theatre

Though it has been converted into office space, this legendary landmark once held performances from the greats like Frank Sinatra and Benny Goodman.

4) Map Room

This stunning room in NYC’s public library was featured in The Day After Tomorrow. Probably because this globe is a sure eye-catcher!

5) Daily News Building

This art deco landmark finished construction in 1930 and housed the New York Daily News until 1995. Referenced in early Superman episodes, the building also contains the world’s largest globe.

6) Atlas in Rockefeller Center

Depicting the Greek titan Atlas bearing the world in his arms, this statue was commissioned by and erected in 1937. Its art deco style allows it to match the rest of the Rockefeller Center neighborhood.

7) Sphere Within Sphere at The United Nations

Made by Italian sculptor Arnoldo Pomodoro, the structure is part of a major worldwide series.

8) Sphere at The World Trade Center

This resilient globe survived the 9/11 terrorist attack with minimal damage. Although originally placed between the Twin Towers, it is now located in Battery Park to serve as a memorial.

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