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A Concert In My Living Room

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A Concert in My Bushwick Living RoomI came home a month ago to find a concert in my living room.

Well actually, I came home a month ago to find 40-some-odd complete strangers, hanging out in my kitchen and living room, drinking beers and wine (they BYO’d,) chatting and mingling, talking and hanging out. But there was a palpable sense of anticipation in the air. And a considerable amount of energy was focused over on one guy, tall and reed-thin, with a floppy hat and oval glasses. This was the guy that everyone had come to see perform. Indie rock and roll music. In my living room. So after about 40 some-odd minutes of excited small talk, everyone took a seat on the floor, this rock and roller took a seat on my couch, and the concert began.


Alex Ounsworth is the former-and-sometimes-current frontman for a seminal lo-fi indie rock band from Philadelphia/Brooklyn called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. They were huuuugge back in the early aughts. Sold out venues, headlined festivals, you get the pic. They also happen to be one of my wife’s favorite bands.

So when Jenny heard that Mr. Ounsworth was organizing a series of “Living Room Shows,” where he would show up and play his acoustic guitar, answer questions, and basically be an anti-rock star in our own home, she jumped at the chance.

Pictures of the “venue” (aka our living room) were snapped and sent to Alec, a standard contract was signed, tickets were sold (with 100% of the proceeds going to Alec – we didn’t make a cent) and the date was set!

That particular day I had an 8 hour tour (!!) and had to pickup the kid from daycare and drop her off at the folks’ place so I didn’t get to chat with Alec until after his 2 hour show had ended, but he was as gracious, generous and good tempered as you could imagine. And after he sold some merch and signed some records, and after everyone had cleaned up their own beer and wine bottles and tossed away their bags of chips, our very own living room rock star packed his own guitar into his car and drove back to Philly.