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In which Matt Levy takes a DIY Craft Cocktail Class

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Matt Levy and Eben Freeman make craft cocktailsFor those of you that didn’t know it, I am a craft cocktail enthusiast. This is a combination of circumstances (having a 2.5-year-old means I don’t go out much after bedtime) location (NYC is an incredible craft cocktail city) and my compulsion to learn as much as I can (to a seriously geeky degree) about things that interest me.

For those of you who’ve taken my tours, you may have noticed that I try to learn EVERYTHING about NYC. For those of you who have been to my home in Bushwick, that means you’ll be stuck listening to intimate insider stories of what it means to be a proud Brooklynite and homeowner (anyone want to see the bedroom? OF COURSE YOU DO!) And for those of you who suffered through enough of that to end up drinking with me, that means you got to enjoy a (hopefully) well crafted cocktail, be it gin, whiskey, rum or mezcal.

But as with any hobby, I can always learn more!

So I decided to take a Do It Yourself Craft Cocktail Class, run by the eminent cocktail professional Eben Freeman, of AvroKO and formely of Altamarea, both very highly esteemed hospitality groups. The class took place in Genuine Liquorette, a sneaky underground bar done up to look like your father’s favorite self-service package store from the late 70s.

What should’ve just run two hours on Monday night instead ran past three and a half, in which Mr Freeman expounded, to an intimate class of less than 10 people, on the finer points of bartending. Insider tips such as better speed-pouring, the importance of always holding your liquor bottle with the label facing the customer, how to master the incredibly intricate art of stirring mixed drinks, and the controversial “hard shake,” it was a wonderful evening of learning how to make better mixed drinks anytime one is behind the bar.

So next time you book me for a tour, consider having it end at my house in Bushwick and maybe you can even get a tasty Happy Hour drink! Just don’t forget to tip the bartender!

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