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Central Park is for Lovers

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Hey all. In case you weren’t tuned into NYC’s wacky, wild weather lately, it has been bonkers. We don’t know if  there is any spring left or if we’re diving right into summer! All I know is that a few weekends ago, I took my sweetheart Danielle on her first formal tour of Central Park. No lightsaber, no voice-amp, no tour guide license hanging from my neck, and NO hyper high school students looking for the fountain from the movie Enchanted (it’s called Bethesda Fountain.)

Just me and the gal I love, enjoying the wonders of the world’s greatest urban park. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the park alongside some historic images of those same sites. Enjoy!

Danielle admiring Jacob Wrey Mould's richly detailed sculptures on the Bethesda Terrace staircases. They clearly share a love of animals!

An illustration of Bethesda Terrace from 1935, which shows a concession stand in the underpass.

Dani's lost in the ramble. Oh no! Which way should she go?

The ramble in the winter. It was designed to evoke a walk through the woods. A way to escape New York without ever leaving the city!

Ah... On the Bow Bridge in the springtime. So romantic!

Gasp... is that me?? From 111 years ago? It couldn't be...

A sculpture of Danish children's storybook writer Hans Cristian Anderson reading the ugly duckling to a small duck. A perfect spot for kids!

Or, just kids at heart!

The Belvedere castle: French for "The Beautiful view" This is where New York City gets its weather stats, courtesy of a Weather Station!


By Gideon Levy.

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