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Final Results for the 9th Annual Panorama Challenge

NYCentric Events

Congratulations to all the teams!  Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Panorama.  You helped raise money for a fantastic place, The City Reliquary, and everyone had a great time! (Right?)

This year we did (as I had a feeling we might) went into ‘sudden death overtime’ as four Challenger teams had identical scores.  Two of those teams tied for first, but it should be noted that the other two teams scored significant accomplishments: The Spuyten Duyvils were the only team, Challenger or Pro, to score a perfect half!  And The Double RR was the only team to score three points on the Half-Time Quiz (no one got four points).

Here are the results:


The 5 Boro Thoroughs 53

Triboros 50

The Flatländer 44

The Hudson River Pirates 38

The 420-Cs 38

The Tiny-Fingered Transmitters 37

Pomonok You Out 32

The Killer Squash 12



The Famous Diner 28

The Sunny Dumbells 28

The Spuyten Duyvils 28

The Double RR 28

The Lazy Wallabouts 27

The Consolidationists 27

The Grapevine 26

Panana-Rama 25

A Streetcar Named DeBlasio 25

1010 Wins 25

Power Brokers 25

Marty Markowitz’s Love Child 25

VanWycks 24

Spatially Challenged 24

The Gang of Corona 24

The Metropolitan Trivia Authority 24

The Murray Park Gang 23

Norman Mailer for Mayor 23

Below The Belt 23

Trump’s Manhood 22

Welcome to Hellsgate 22

Dr Zizmor’s AntiGravity Rainbow 22

The Riverdale Grasshoppers 22

The Bartolos 20

We’re Only Here 4 the Substantial

Sandwiches 20

Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar 20

Fiscal Crisis 19

Totemites 13

Coro Lyn-Coro Lyn 13

We’re Nothing Without Our Dad 09 (did not finish)

Late But Not Pregnant 06 (only played 2nd round)

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