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Food, Family, Fringe, Fame (?) and Frisbee! 24 Hours in Washington DC!

NYC Story

The LUNYmobile in front of the Capitol.

When we Levys travel, we like to focus on just one thing, like our recent food trip to Philly or the history-heavy vacation my fiance and I took in Moscow and St Petersburg last June. However this long weekend we took a real fast trip to Maryland & DC and managed to do a little bit of our favorite things.

Thats the whole Ingraham/Smith-Green/Levy/etc. extended family!

Family:  We have multi-racial, multi-culti family in Laurel, Maryland. Zillah & Damani Ingraham and their kids Taj & Anisa are Muslim-American; Z is my niece. Q & Denise Smith-Green and their 17 month old son Qadir are African-American; Q is my nephew. Other extended members of the family include: White, Black, Hispanic, American, Egyptian, British, Bolivian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Suburban, Urban, Young, Old, Boomer & Toddler. This is what our slice of America looks like.

The Occupiers had heart. All 2 or 3 hundred of them. . .

Fringe (politics):  The original reason for this trip was the Occupy DC rally, which we hoped would be a million Occupiers all converging on DC to Occupy Congress, even bigger than the Occupy Times Square protest in October. As soon as we got to the Capitol lawn we realized that the huge rally we hoped for was not happening and the crowd of a few hundred seemed to be mostly a left-wing fringe movement. Heartfelt, sure, but not fully representative of all elements of the Occupy Movement. This element deserves as much of a voice as any other in a democracy, but to call it politically impressive would be a fiction.

Check out Mark’s patented behind-the-back Frisbee catch!

Frisbee: Levy Family Rule #3 – There is alway time for frisbee.

LUNY Taylor Sandwich Shop from Matt Levy on Vimeo.

Food: check out our video of Taylor’s Sandwich Shoppe.

Fame?: We visited our (maybe) reality TV producers in Silver Springs, MD and heard good things about a certain gustatory themed channel’s growing interest in casting a certain family in a certain reality TV show. We can’t say much more.

Finally, we headed back to Brooklyn. Not too bad for 24 hours in Washington DC!

By Mark Levy


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