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Freeze Tag on Wall Street Reviewed by Niente Peaches (and Matt’s moustache compared to Snidely Whiplash.)

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AKA Matt Levy

What is Ninente Peaches? We have no clue. HOWEVER we DO know that its hella funny, refers to Matt’s moustache by referencing Snidely Whiplash (the one TRUE moustache reference that will earn you Matt Levy’s respect) and goes on at length to describe the author’s out-of-shape not-so-hot-bod. It starts like this:

“I wasn’t sure I was in the right place, then I saw him and I knew. The skinny man in red jeans and Snidely Whiplash mustache just had to be the host. It takes a certain type of person to organize a giant game of freeze tag on the streets of the world’s economy, and that type of person would definitely have a devil-may-care mustache.

The man’s name was Matt Levy, and this sort of brouhaha is his family business.  Levys’ Unique New York is a family of tour guides offering private and group tours to a myriad of New York City sights and landmarks. In addition to tours, Levys’ UNY hosts a monthly activity in the city, typically something offbeat or weird. This past Sunday at high noon, they hosted a giant game of freeze tag mere steps from the Federal Building and the United States Stock Exchange. . .”

And it continues on his website. Checkitout!

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