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Have You Seen Mr. Bones?

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In what is certainly one of the more interesting emails we’ve received in quite some time, a cold-cases hobbyist contacted Matt earlier this week asking if we could help him with a 50-year old missing persons case. As wild as that sounds, the inquiry centers on a victim with a connection to the Greenwich Village bohemian poetry scene in the 1950s. And since we know history and run a GV literary tour, maybe we could help him. We couldn’t, but maybe you can.

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Can You Help Solve a Fifty Year Old Mystery?

He was a large man with brown hair, over six feet and over 200 pounds. His skeletal remains were found a half mile north of the Midway plaza of the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Bedford, Pa., on October 9, 1958. He had been dead for months and died of a gunshot wound to the head, though it is not known if it was homicide, suicide, or accidental. “Mr. Bones” was wearing a motorcycle jacket, dungarees, and engineer boots. He had gold dental work and contact lenses, which were uncommon and expensive in 1958. The contacts were traced to a doctor in Illinois, but no record of who purchased them exists. No vehicle was found near him, so it is possible that he was hitchhiking.

A key found on “Mr. Bones” had “Active 195 Avenue A” stamped on it. His mess kit was sold by the Kiffe Co., then located at 523 Broadway, NYC. The two addresses are 1 ½ miles apart. He also had in his possession three books, two of which were on the subject of poetry.

Could he have some connection with Greenwich Village? Do you know of, or have you heard of, someone who disappeared back in the ‘50s and who could have been “Mr. Bones”?

If you have some clue as to his identity, please let us know.

And if you have any information to add, please email [email protected] so he can pass it along to our cold-cases hobbyist. Only YOU can help solve the mystery of Mr. Bones!

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