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Hot Chocolate Festival

How do New Yorkers stay warm? With hot chocolate of course. Every February, City Bakery holds a hot chocolate festival.

City Bakery is famous for their rich delicious hot chocolate. New York magazine once wrote “What Katz’s is to pastrami City Bakery is to hot chocolate.” People crowd into the 18th street store location year round for a steaming cup of City Bakery hot chocolate. They usually accompany it with a giant oversized melt in your mouth cookie. In February, City Bakery makes their hot chocolate even more enticing by offering up a different special flavor each day. The flavors range from “Banana Peel” to “What Would Faulkner Drink” to “Peanut Butter Cookie.” (The latter is actually milk chocolate hot chocolate with a giant peanut butter cookies dunked in the middle. It is to die for.)

City Bakery will be celebrating its 22nd annual hot chocolate festival this year.

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