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Launching the LUNY! Fleet!

NYC Story

Launching the LUNY! Fleet!

The first time I ever saw a Smartcar, I  fell in love. Remember now, I’m a city boy, born and bred in The Bronx. This meant that cars were not a part of my teenage culture. Me and my pals rode bicycles and the NYC Subway. I didn’t even get my drivers license until I graduated college! As an adult I realized that cars were good to have around in Brooklyn for personal errands; also in my past life as a Facilities and Properties Manager for the City of New York I drove a city car all around town.

Our Smartcar in its original skin.

Flashback to the fall of 2000, when I visited Matt in Holland during his semester abroad. We rented a (non-smart) car and drove around the Netherlands, which is when I first saw a Smartcar. It was so small and cute and maneuverable. So I said to myself, “Self, this is brilliant! Its the ultimate urban car!”

Flashforwward to October, 2011, when my trusted mechanic (not an oxymoron in Brooklyn) told me my beloved ’98 Honda CRV was dying of terminal transmission disease, I knew what I wanted. I knew it was time to drive into the future and buy a Smartcar, but ONLY if we would Adwrap it, LUNY! style.

NY’s First Family of adwrapped cars!

At the same time as my Honda was being junked, Matt’s beloved Eggplant Express hit the wrong end of a tow truck, and got scrapped. So we went from 2 cars to no cars. So it made sense for Matt and I to lease a 2011 Honda CRV at the same time as the Smartcar, and wrap ’em both!

Our Graphics Genius, Jason Engdahl!

We have to give special shoutouts to Jason Engdahl, our incredible Graphick Genius (Jason’s the rockstar who did our logo and business color scheme,) who patiently helped us layout the two cars and their respective Adwrap designs; as well as Dave Powers of Adwraps, our wrap artist.

Smartcar in front, CRV in rear, Casa Levy always a beautiful backdrop

By Mark Levy


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