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Levys’ Like: Campo Di Fiore

Here’s a new addition to the LUNY weekly mailings: a little section we like to call “Levys’ Like”. The four of us are all over town, drinking in the culture and we thought we’d start a small cooumn detailing the best of our discoveries. Each spot gets a ranking of 1 to 5 “L’s.”

On a posting of my favorite “daily deals” website, I discovered that a little spot in Park Slope was giving out free samples of pizza. I rolled on down and saw that Campo Di Fiore had only been open for 9 months, a sandwich board out front claimed it was voted best pizza in new york from 2010! We’ll see about that…I bellied up to the bar where the owner Andrea Dal Monte, a native Roman, dished up some delectable bites served on wonderfully soft dough, just thick enough for proper pizza constitution. The first slice I tried was a matriciana, which is traditionally a pasta sauce. Spicy and succulent with dots of cheese and sausage, he transformed it into a square of pizza in the Roman style. The other slice he served was a burrada, with a fresh mozzarella made extra creamy and surrounded by cherry tomatoes and leafy greens: a cooler, springier slice. It all went down smooth with a Forst Dobbel Bock. Who knew Italians made good malt beer?

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