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Panorama Challenge 11: Qs & As

NYCentric Events

Thanks again to everyone who made this such a successful night for the City Reliquary, especially all of you who played the challenge and our hosts at the Queens Museum.

Your Quizmaster,



Here are all the evenings Questions and Answers:



1) Every fall the Queens County Farm Museum opens a maze on its property. What is it made of?


Pros: For over 50 years the farm belonged to which nearby institution?

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

2) Willie Mays played for the Giants, here, at which now-demolished ballpark. What was its name?

Polo Grounds

Pros: On which team did he finish his career?


3) One of the stars of the movie 1986 Labyrinth has spent a lot of time in Brooklyn, including attending high school, here, in Brooklyn Heights. What is her name?

Jennifer Connelly

Pros: What is the name of the school she attended in Brooklyn Heights? It’s private, prestigious and was founded in 1965?

St Ann’s


4) During 1973’s Oscar-winning best picture, which character’s burial was depicted at this Queens Cemetery? Give the character’s full name.

Vito Corleone

Pros: What is the common name of that cemetery.


5) Scenes with Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro were filmed here, in Maspeth, at a diner now named for which 1990 movie?


Pros: The diner used to be named for a former Governor who had a house nearby. Which governor? Make sure to give his first name so we don’t get him confused with another former Governor who was his Uncle.

DeWitt Clinton

6) In 1982, Dominick ‘Sonny Black’ Napolitano’s body was discovered here, in Arlington, killed because of his relationship with Joseph Pistone. Sonny Black knew Pistone by his pseudonym as did moviegoers in 1997. What was Pistone’s mafia name?

Donnie Brasco

Pros: Napolitano belonged to the mafia family whose namesake don disappeared for nineteen months and re-appeared alive in 1966. The boss had a newspaper nickname he hated. What was the don’s despised nickname?

Joe Bananas


7) Stanford White designed a clubhouse for the Players here, at Gramercy Park, but…

(PLAY ‘PLAYER NO MORE’) when he felt like Big Pun, he went to the club next door where he was also a member. What’s the name of the club next door to The Players?

National Arts Club

Pros: In Gramercy Park 100 years ago the Players unveiled a statue of their founder, Edwin Booth. He is depicted in one of his most notable roles? Which role?


8) To honor his father, Columbia University’s president commissioned McKim, Mead & White to build the iconic centerpiece of the campus, here. What is the common (though now inaccurate) name of this building? Here’s a little audio clue: (PLAY ‘GET LOW’)

Low Library

Pros: The University president would also become the 23rd AND the 92nd mayor. Of which city was he the 23rd Mayor?


9) Mc Kim, Mead & White designed the Town Hall, here in Times Square, for the League for Political Education, which was founded by six activists from what movement? (PLAY ‘SUFFRAGETTE CITY’)

Womens Suffrage (Suffragettes)

Pros: From 1958 to 1979 the space was operated by which University?


NEVER BUILT NEW YORK These questions are inspired by the great show that just closed here at the Queens Museum. Hope some of you saw it!

10) In 2012 the architects of the Barclays Center submitted designs for a stadium, here for which professional sports league. Which league was the stadium for?

Major League Soccer (MLS)

Pros: If built, which team was to have moved in?

NYCFC (New York City Football Club)

11) In 1959, the year his 5th Ave masterwork was finished, and the year of his death, which architect designed some seriously ‘wrong’ plans to destroy this… Ellis Island? They were really “Wrong”! Name the architect…

Frank Lloyd Wright

Pros: One of the sponsors of the project was an announcer who worked alongside Don Pardo for years. The other sponsor was an executive at the same media powerhouse. What company did they work for?


12) In 1954, when Grand Central, here, was under threat of demolition, which famous Chinese-born architect designed a proposal for the world’s tallest tower on the site.

I.M. Pei

Pros: What was the name of his proposed tower?



13) Rose Hill, here is the name of the campus of what university?


Pros: Across the street is a rose garden named for Peggy, a member of what prominent New York family?


14) Held for nearly a century at Madison Square Garden, which event is now found here, at the New Balance Track & Field Center at the Armory. What’s the name of the event?

Millrose Games

Pros: The one mile race is the main event. Which department store family is it named for?


15) Tell us the name of this historically Italian neighborhood. Think of the category, what’s it called?


Pros: The neighborhood is home to a grotto dedicated to which ‘sweet-sounding’ Madonna? Give us the full name, please.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel



16) The Bayonne Bridge, here, just had some work done. It got a ‘road lift’. What body of water does it now cross, 65 feet higher. What’s this body of water separating Bayonne and Staten Island?

Kill Van Kull

Pros: Who was the legendary engineer responsible for the first version of the span?

Othmar Amman

17) The Kosciuszko Bridge, here, is all new. Not a truss – and without suspenders, what type of bridge is the new span?


Pros: The old bridge was dismantled by which ‘Swedish-born’ construction firm? Their first US project was the 63rd Street subway tunnel – they’ve been around a while. Who are they?


18) The Gil Hodges Bridge, here, is named for a baseball player. For all but his last two seasons, which team did he play for?

Dodgers (both Brooklyn and LA)

Pros: A different local major league team inducted him into their Hall of Fame. Why?

Gil Hodges was the manager of the Mets’ first World Series winning team


19) Ridgewood Reservoir, sitting atop a hill, here, was just named to the National Register of Historic Places, thanks largely to the efforts of the group NYC H2O. Which park is the old reservoir a part of?

Highland Park

Pros: Evidence of glacial action is present in the area. Geologically speaking, the ridge is the terminal moraine and the flat sandy area south of the ridge is what sort of plain?

Outwash Plain

20) The Governor proposed funding for a new a state park, here, at the end of Fountain and Pennsylvania Avenues. Through the 1960’s and 70’s, what had these spaces been used for?

Dumping Garbage

Pros: Which body of water splits this new park area as well as separating Starrett City & Gateway Center? Looking for the body of water, remember this is a pro question, might be trickier than you think…

Hendrix Creek

21) Here, on the south side of Governors Island, built using local demolition debris and imported volcanic rock, are four new features,collectively known as what?

The Hills

Pros: The new features were designed by the landscape architects West8. In which country is the firm based?



22) Fifty years ago, on April 4th, which politician left a Broadway show to walk the streets here?

John V Lindsay

Pros: That same night, in Indianapolis, which NY politician reassured an audience in, quoting the ancient Greek writings of Aeschylus?

Robert F Kennedy

23) One hundred years ago James Gordon Bennett died. He was to be buried here, but instead is remembered many blocks south for the newspaper he ran which gave its name to a Midtown square that’s really a triangle . What’s the name of Bennett’s paper?

New York Herald

Pros: If it weren’t for Stanford White’s death, Bennett could have had a 125 foot high mausoleum, here. What would it have resembled?

An Owl

24) One hundred years ago, eight passengers of a Norwegian steamship were brought to the Norwegian Hospital, here. The newspapers considered them the first carriers of what? What did the papers say they brought to New York 100 years ago? We still have trouble with it in 2018 too!


Pros: The Norwegian Hospital merged, changed its name, then moved to another part of Sunset Park and recently merged and changed its name again. Which University’s Hospital system is it now a part of?



25) Here, by the Jefferson Ave L station, is a street art project started by local businessman Joe Ficalora. What is the project known as?

Bushwick Collective

Pros: Joe runs GCM Steel which earns much of its money making what ubiquitous D.O.T.- approved product? Walk the sidewalks of New York and you’ll be sure to see them… what is it Joe makes?

Steel Curbs

26) Breaking news! Graffiti artists will be compensated for the 2013 whitewashing of their work on the old factory, once here. What was that now-demolished space known as? Spelling countz for this one.

5 Pointz – Needs the ‘Z’

Pros: PS1MoMA is just across the street. Every summer for two decades they’ve hosted an outdoor art and music festival called what?

Warm Up

27) Another street art project can be found here in Queens. Started in 2009 by the Ad Hoc Art Group, the name of this project is also the name of the short street where it started. What is the name of the street?

Welling Court

Pros: Just around the corner is the studio of the artist whose red steel sculpture graces the corner of Zuccotti Park. What is the artist’s name?

Mark di Suvero


28) “Aged, decrepit and worn out sailors” in the 1840s might find refuge here, at this ‘cozy’ spot. What is the name of this refuge?

Sailors Snug Harbor

Pros: The facility was set up thanks to the estate of Captain Randall and the sale of his land in which neighborhood?

Greenwich Village

29) Woodlawn Cemetery, here, is the end of the line for which IRT train?

#4 Train

Pros: Which 11-time Grammy winner and Mood Indigo co-composer rests at Woodlawn?

Duke Ellington

30) When a million people in three boros flush, the end of the line is here, at a wastewater treatment plant in this neighborhood. Name the neighborhood.


Pros: The sewage sits in six stainless steel structures, visible from three boros, What are those structures called, named for their shape and function?

Digester Eggs

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