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TGOTM: Jonah Levy

Full name, please!
Jonah Levy
Where did you grow up?
In a three-story Victorian house with a front yard, back yard, garage, driveway, wrap-around porch and basement;
not in Anytown, USA, but in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn!
Where do you live now? 
Ridgewood, Queens
When did you move to NY and why?
One double-edged sword of growing up in NYC is that while I had all the glorious cultural activities at my fingertips
and a street-wise education, I never had the yearning to get out and discover a place that was really meant for me —
that’s why in some ways the transplants are the true New Yorkers.
Where would you live if money were no option?
Clinton Avenue—the mansion mile of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Plus a little pied-a-terre in Greenwich Village of course…
Could you ever live anywhere else in the world?
I asked myself that question on a few of travels around the states. Of course, with the right cultural project,
the right comforts and the right people around me I’m sure I’d love to live in a different city or country for two
to three months. But in the long term NYC is the only place for me
What don’t your tour groups know about you? 
I get myself into some under-the-radar off-the-beaten path exploratory events pretty often.
Here’s a recent one that was organized, written up and photographed by good friends 

What’s your favorite neighborhood?
I love living in Ridgewood, but Greenwich Village is great for a wander, and SoHo is terrific for shopping.
As far as food goes, there’s so many neighborhoods in Queens–but I’ll always have a special place in my heart
for Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.
Your favorite restaurant?
I had a wild experience at Astoria Seafood a few months ago!
Your favorite tour?
Street Art and DIY Cultural Spaces in Brooklyn
One piece of advice all NYC tour guides must know!
Sometimes you just gotta let the city speak for itself!

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