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5 Picnic Spots with Great Views in NYC

Looking for a great picnic spot in New York City where the food is good and the view is even better? Look no further than this collection of picnic places, curated by NY’s First Family of Tour Guides.

New York Picnic Verrazano bridge

1. Under the Verrazano Bridge, Belt Parkway Bike Greenway, Brooklyn – pick up a collection of fabulous and fresh Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian or old-school Italian eats in the Southwestern Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, walk towards the water and spread out on the grass; traffic roaring behind you, the wilds of Staten ahead, and this mighty bridge span soaring overhead.

New York Picnic Grant's Tomb

2. Riverside Park hard by Grant’s Tomb, Upper Manhattan – solemn and serene, when Grant’s Tomb was finished in 1897, it was the second most popular tourist attraction in NYC. (The first being Lady Liberty.) Grab some grub from the endless restaurants and delis and enjoy the vistas over the Hudson.

New York Picnic Sunset Park

3. Top of Sunset Park, Brooklyn – This lovely greenery, overlooking Buttermilk Channel and the eastern flank of upper NY Harbor, is a prime spot to enjoy the best Mexican food this side of Los Angeles. We love Sunset Park so much, we’ve hosted Taco y Tamale y Cerveza crawls!

New York Picnic Woodlawn Cemetary

4. Woodlawn Cemetary, The Bronx – Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, before cities like New York had the benefit of public green spaces, people used to pack up picnics and have family reunions with (long-deceased) Gramps and Grams at the Cemetary! And Woodlawn is extraordinarily impressive – tons of mausoleums, sloping lawns, beautiful landscaping. Great Senegalese food up there too.

New York Picnic Unisphere

5. Under the Unisphere, Flushing-Meadows Corona Park, Queens – Flushing-Meadows Corona Park is an undiscovered gem for all the city-centric NYers (Brooklynites, we’re looking at you too!) who only head to Queens to board a flight out. However, surrounded by extraordinary ethnic eats (Mexican & Ecuadoran in Corona, Spicy Chinese and Korean in Flushing) make this park a wonderful spot to park and chomp some grub, bub.

New York Picnic Staten Island Ferry

6. On board the Staten Island Ferry!! Hell yeah, this makes a great picnic post – on the 30 minute ride to the other side. Whats more, out of all our picnic suggestions, ONLY the Staten Island Ferry allows you to drink in public! (We’ve done extensive research on this subject.) They sell tall boys of Bud on the boat, but do yourself a favor and BYO – then uncork that bottle of Shiraz and tuck into some eats with the wind in your hair and a view of the city like you’ve seen in the movies. Want the full Staten Island experience? We’ve got you covered.

-Matt Levy

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