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Questions and Answers: The 5th Annual Panorama Challenge

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For those who want to reminisce about all the fun they had at the Queens Museum, here are all the questions and answers from The 5th Annual Panorama Challenge.  Remember the first rule: NO QUIBBLING!


1.    Not Emeril, but Opera.  For 150 years in Brooklyn.
BAM/Brooklyn Academy of Music

2.    You might be bowled over to discover what’s in the basement of this elegant museum. Name the collection and for an extra point explain the surprise locked away downstairs.
Frick Collection
bowling alley

3.    “Elvis has left the building” took on new meaning in 1958, when he left this building and sailed for Germany on the USS Randall.
Brooklyn Army Terminal

4.    Since the release of the 1987 single, Run-D.M.C. officially celebrates Christmas in this neighborhood.

The next three questions follow a pattern:

5.        Dog Day Afternoon was filmed 3 blocks away from this historic 1838 cemetery. Name the burial ground. Bonus: Correct punctuation gets you an extra point
Green-Wood Cemetery

6.    The film Cruising was set in this neighborhood, after Oreo and before Apple.
Meatpacking District

7.    The movie Panic in Needle Park was set in this Upper West Side ‘square’ now named for an Italian known for Rigoletto and Aida.  What is the park’s current name?
Verdi Square

8.    What do those three movies have in common?
Al Pacino

9.    In January the ‘Notorious’ B.I.C. was born in a hospital named for this neighborhood.
What is the neighborhood?  Bonus: Who is B.I.C.?
Lenox Hill
Blue Ivy Carter (daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce)

10.    The oldest church in the Bronx is also the final resting place for the colonial family that gives this neighborhood its name.  What is the neighborhood and for an extra point, name the church.
St Ann’s (St. Ann’s Church of Morrisania)

11.    This Museum in midtown
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller

12.    This Church overlooking the Hudson
John D Rockefeller Jr.

13.    This bank tower across from the Fed
David Rockefeller

14.    This building on Broadway, across from the Bull
John D Rockefeller Sr.

15.    ‘God willing and the creek don’t rise:’  During Hurricane Irene, this creek rose and flooded this railyard, the MTA’s biggest and maybe the world’s biggest. What is the name the creek and the railyard share?
Coney Island (Creek/Yards)

16.    Between Van Cortland Park and the Hudson River are three prominent private schools.  For one point each name the schools in this area.
Ethical Culture/Fieldston
Riverdale Country School
Horace Mann

17.    Andrew J. Barberi was a Staten Island football legend. Name this high school where he played and coached.  Bonus: what’s big, orange and named for the coach?
Staten Island Ferry

18.    When US Steel to created this ‘one’ of a kind sculpture, they added three ‘out of this world’ elements to the globe.  Name the work in question and for one bonus point each, name the symbolism of each ring around the planet.
First Cosmonaut/Yuri Gagarin/Russian in space
First Astronaut/American in space/John Glenn
First communications satellite in space/Telstar

19.    Located in this neighborhood is a housing project named for a Yankee fan who works over 200 miles away.  Her job involves sitting on a bench with two other women and six men.  Name the neighborhood and for an extra point name the woman.
Sonia Sotomayor

20.    The Poppenhusen Institute offered America’s first free kindergarten in this scholarly neighborhood.
College Point

21.    Sovereign span: This neighborhood is named for Manhattan’s first connection to the mainland.

The next three questions follow a theme:

22.    Rudolph Valentino and Leon Trotsky came to this neighborhood to be stars.  Name the neighborhood and the film studio that called it home.
Bonus: Rudy, Theo and Vanessa were here in the 80s thanks to what sitcom?
The Cosby Show

23.    Liz Lemon makes her living here.
30 Rockefeller Plaza (or 30 Rock)

24.    When this street was expanded in 1899 the Puck Building decided to split – not leave, but cut itself nearly in half.  Name the street and for an extra point name the sitcom that used the Puck building as a setting.
Lafayette Street
Will & Grace

25.    What is the theme of the last three questions?
NBC television shows/NBC sitcoms

26.    This is the foul mouth of an industrial canal.
Gowanus Bay

27.    Name this parkway, designed by Olmstead &Vaux, and for a bonus, name the prominent Jewish organization who has their global headquarters at #770.
Eastern Parkway
(Chabad) Lubavitch

28.    The Statue has been on this island for 125 years, but it hasn’t always been named for her.  What was it called when she arrived?
Bedloe’s Island

29.    Lady Liberty is the star of the show and the pedestal is her stage.  Which French-trained American architect designed it?
Richard Morris Hunt

30.    The military hates to be upstaged.  What is the name of the star below Liberty’s pedestal?
Fort Wood

31.    This park has been a slam dunk for everyone from Dr. J to Kobe.
(Holcombe) Rucker (Park)

32.    We could on and on with a long meandering description of this section of Central Park or we could just ask you to name it.
The Ramble

33.    We’ve waited 100 years for our ship to come in.  In the meantime we’ve taken up golf.  Where are we and which ship are we waiting for?
Chelsea Piers

34.    This sculpture park was named in honor of a Greek philosopher, appropriate since NY’s best known Greek neighborhood is nearby.  For one point give the name of the park, for another point name the neighborhood.
Socrates Sculpture Park

The next four questions follow a theme:

35.    The name sounds as unpleasant as the old garbage dump washing into this body of water:
Dead Horse Bay

36.    This cove doesn’t sound that much better.  It doesn’t smell so great either, especially when the fishermen are cleaning their catches.
Sheepshead Bay

37.    This park sounds a little more pleasant.  Just stay away when the wind is blowing in from the sewage plant across the street.  Both the park and the sewage plant share a name, what is it?
Owl’s Head Park.

38.    This neighborhood is nice, if you don’t mind this massive facility – home to Big Allis – at the water’s edge.   The neighborhood and the facility share the same name.  What is it?
For one bonus point, what’s the big deal about Big Allis?
Biggest electrical generator in the world when built, biggest in the city today, one million kilowatts of power.

39.    What do the last four answers have in common?
Animal names

40.    This section of the ‘Belt’ is quite “leafy’ and is named to honor the Scandanavians of nearby Bay Ridge.  Who is the ‘Drive’ named for?
Leif Ericson

41.    They’re the words every realtor wants to say: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”  This time it really worked.  What famous cinematic property, here, (Todt Hill) sold last year?
Don (Vito) Corleone’s home

42.    To the Jewish gangsters of Murder Inc this neighborhood was their stomping ground. Their stabbing, shooting and strangling ground too.

43.    Governor Cuomo has just announced plans -which some might call un-conventional- to transform this space.  What is it called now and for an extra point, what does the Governor want to add?
Aqueduct (Racetrack)
Americas largest convention center (or convention center)

44.    Rhapsody in Blue premiered across from this patch of green.  What is the park?
Bonus: What is the name of the building where the work was first heard?
Bryant Park
Aeolian Hall

45.    Moses parted the Red Sea but our Moses, Robert, joined these two islands.  Name each and for a bonus point underline the island where Moses’ HQ was located.
Wards Island
Randalls Island

46.    A bridge by any other name would still get you to Queens…. this bridge has three.  One point for each name
59th Street
Ed Koch

47.    Occupy Wall Street got one thing wrong.  But naming themselves for this park three blocks away just wouldn’t have sounded the same.
Zuccotti Park

48.    Visit this cemetery to find out if “little flowers’ grow on this mayors gravesite.
Name the burial ground and for an extra point, name the mayor
Woodlawn (Cemetery)
(Fiorello) LaGuardia

49.    This bridge was built in 23 months to be ready for this 1939 event.  Name the bridge and for a extra point, name the event.
Bronx-Whitestone Bridge
Worlds Fair

50.    Once a cozy home for worn out sailors, now a cultural center
(Sailors) Snug Harbor

By Quizmaster Jonathan Turer

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