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TGotM: (Tour Guide of the Month) Megan Marod!

   Megan Marod Strikes a Pose!

Here at Levys’ Unique New York!, you’d be surprised at how often we still get questions like:

Is it just you and your Dad booking and running tours?
Isn’t your brother also involved in your company?
How do you guys do so many tours?
When the truth of the matter is we haven’t been a Dad & Son business for well over a decade. As our hundreds of student tours will attest, we have an amazing corps of NYC Tour Guides who love working for us (we swear!) and love talking about New York City for a living. So we decided to start a TGofM column, introducing you to the shining stars of the LUNYverse! For our first installment, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a sparkling ball of energy, the inestimable Megan Marod.
Full name please! Megan Marod.
Where did you grow up? Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Where do you live now? Proud resident of Harlem.
When did you move to NY and why? I’m a musical theatre actress, so New York is the place to be.   In addition to being where all the auditions take place,  New York also has the most innovative and inspiring theatre and the best classes.  I’ve taken acting classes with cast members of Hamilton and, a few days ago, I stood next to Misty Copeland at ballet barre!  Talk about inspiration!
Where would you live if money were no option?  New York.  (I mean – the theatre is HUGE draw.  Also – where else in the world can you get a cragel with s’mores cream cheese?)
Could you ever live anywhere else in the world?  For a long time I really wanted to live in London.  I love the Royal National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Old Globe Theatre, and West End Shows.  I also love Paris for the history, shopping, and food.
What don’t your tour groups know about you?  I used to be a competitive figure skater.
What’s your favorite neighborhood?  Williamsburg for the food, Soho for the shopping, Lower Manhattan for the history.
Your favorite restaurant?  The Sugar Factory
Your favorite tour?  Lower Manhattan history.
One piece of advice all NYC tour guides must know?  Take improv classes.  You gotta know your facts and stories, but tour guiding is also a lot about improv.  Every group will have different interests.  Some groups may be really into pop culture, while others may be really into Revolutionary War history.  You gotta adjust your material to appeal to your group.  Additionally, you never know what you will encounter on the streets of New York.   Your group may see a parade march by, or an impromptu dance party, or a celebrity, or it may start to blizzard, or a beautiful photograph opportunity of a rainbow over the Brooklyn Bridge will arise.  You roll with it.   Often unexpected events make a tour magical!  Once, Billy Mitchell, who has worked at the Apollo Theatre in 1965, overheard my tour and offered my group a free private backstage tour!   They got to take photos on the Apollo stage!  It was a wonderful impromptu addition to our itinerary.
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