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The 12th Annual Panorama Challenge: Results

NYCentric Events

Congratulations to all the competitors at the 12th Annual Panorama Challenge!  I hope everyone had fun and will be back for next year’s Challenge.

A few shout outs: despite fears of a hard game, a few teams scored perfect rounds in the first half (all Challengers): Joe Lhota’s Toyota, Carousel of Progress and Plane Bagel.  The halftime quiz was tough. No one got all the Atlas Obscura questions for the point, and only one team got the other two points: Civic Virtue!

I loved the Atlas Obscura assist this year and hope they’ll be back for more!  The Pros had one team come close to a perfect round: Flatlanders scored a 29 to stay competitive and seal their spot in second.  Next year could be their year to finally lay hands on the trophy! I’ve got a feeling they’re due.

It’s always such a pleasure to create this event and I’m gratified by how many of you attend and compete so passionately. I always learn so much as I research these questions.

My hope is that, even for the questions that you didn’t answer correctly, I was able to pass along something of what I discovered as I trawled through the amazing stories this city has to offer to present them to you as quiz questions.

Until next year!

Your Quizmaster,

Jonathan Turer



Team name Score (out of 33)
Queens of Elmhurst 29
Plane Bagel 28
Carousel of Progress 28
Joshua Friedman Ski Club 27
Joe Lhota’s Toyota 27
Hudson River Marauders 25
Team Nitchka 24
Sorry, I’m Late 23
Superheros In Training 23
Rats as Big as Cats 23
Below The Belt 20
Tappan Zee Preservation Society 19
The Beauty School Drop-Outs 14



Team Name Score (out of 63)
The Dutch Killers 56
Flatlanders 54
Semlak it Hot 50
Dual Contracts 49
Holy (Robert) Moses! 48
Masters of the LUNYverse 45
Civic Virtue 45
Van Wycks 43
CVS Cuomo 34


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