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10th Annual Panorama Challenge 1st Half Q&As

NYCentric Events

What a great night!  Here are the questions & answers from the first half of the Panorama Challenge at the Queens Museum on 3/4/2017. (Any part of an answer in parentheses was not required, or was an alternate acceptable answer!)


Twenty years ago Seinfeld began filming its final season.

1) Are George’s parents Jewish? Or is Costanza Italian? And what’s the deal with Estelle making paella?? Doesn’t matter. The exterior of their home is here, in this historically Greek neighborhood. Challengers, name the neighborhood. ASTORIA

When Seinfeld ended, George’s dad – Jerry Stiller – went on to play Carrie Heffernan’s dad on another sitcom, also set in the city. Pros, name that second sitcom. KING OF QUEENS

2) Elaine was invited to a party at Tim Whatley’s apartment, here, by the American Museum of Natural History, the night before a major holiday. What holiday was it? THANKSGIVING

That same episode featured the starring actor from the 1969 Oscar-winning movie set in New York City. It wasn’t his LeBaron convertible that George bought… Pros, name the actor. JON VOIGHT

3) When George worked here as the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary, who provided Steinbrenner’s voice, even though by the last season he was no longer with the show? LARRY DAVID

Pros, Before Steinbrenner came on the scene, the Yankees were owned by what major media company? CBS


4) When Paul Simon was with Julio down by the schoolyard, Rosie was the queen of this neighborhood, (PLAY AUDIO) Challengers, please name it. CORONA

Pros, she’s not the only royalty around. There’s a king in the neighborhood too. What is he king of? BE SPECIFIC! LEMON ICE

5) Al Smith, who grew up here, used this playful old tune while campaigning for President. Challengers, name the song. (PLAY AUDIO) SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK

Pros, As Governor, Smith relied on his street smarts. When others claimed a PhD he said he had an FFM, which referred to what nearby institution? FULTON FISH MARKET

6) Released in 1999, the album PLAY was recorded at the artist’s apartment, here, on Mott Street. (PLAY AUDIO) Challengers, Whose album is this? MOBY

Pros, Which former New York customs official is the artist related to? HERMAN MELVILLE


7) Building the Brooklyn tower of this bridge destroyed a fort named for a foreigner, who was also good friend of Hamilton (whose fort is just up the hill, appropriately enough) Challengers, what was the fort called? FORT LAFAYETTE

Speaking of Fort Hamilton: the Captain who spent five years as Post Engineer fixing the forts in the 1840s would later gain fame, or infamy, as the General of another army. Pros, Who is he (GENERAL ROBERT E) LEE

8) Battery Weed, here, is part of Fort Wadsworth and overrun by weeds. In recent years the National Park Service has brought in some unusual workers to remove the unwanted plants. Challengers, please explain who these workers are. GOATS

The battery was named for Brigadier General Stephen Weed, who is buried on Staten Island, in the same cemetery as a very wealthy Commodore. Pros, name the cemetery. MORAVIAN

9) After 1981, the 41st Precinct, here, in the Bronx, was well known by what name, thanks to a Paul Newman film? FORT APACHE

The 41st Precinct is responsible for patrolling this peninsula. Pros, name the neighborhood. HUNTS POINT


This category was inspired by Open House New York and their new series of events about waste – and reducing waste – in the city. Make sure to check out the website Getting To There’s a lot of great stuff on their calendar!

10) If you live in this neighborhood, your sanitation vehicle starts its run here on East 99th Street, at the 11th District Garage. Challengers, what is this neighborhood called? We’re looking for the name used by Community Board 11 on its website. EAST HARLEM

Upstairs at the garage is a curated selection of objects found along the collection routes. Pros, what do the sanitation workers call these finds? MONGO (not MUNGO)

11) No matter where they’re picked up, everything in the ‘blue bin’ is brought to the SIMS facility here, at the water’s edge in Sunset Park. Challengers, this is the primary sorting point for which three recyclable materials? GLASS PLASTIC METAL (CARTONS, also acceptable) (not paper or compost)

The new building is perched upon four feet of fill to protect it from storm surges. This material was delivered from Manhattan and is a byproduct of what major endeavor? Pros: where is the fill from? 2nd AVENUE SUBWAY

12) Once separated, many recyclables are loaded on train cars and head to this rail yard, to be sent to New Jersey. Challengers, how do the trains get to New Jersey? BARGE (CAR FLOAT)

Pros: Operating in Brooklyn and Jersey City only, what is the name of this very limited freight railroad? And we’ll take either of its two most recent names…. NY NJ Railroad OR Cross Harbor Railroad


13) It’s here on Narrows Avenue that you’ll find the landmarked Gingerbread House. Hansel and Gretel beware of brokers, not witches, its on sale for over $10 million dollars! Challengers, Name the Gingerbread house’s neighborhood. BAY RIDGE

Pros: The house is “a witch’s hideaway” in “Black Forest Art Nouveau” style according to which well known guidebook’s 5h edition? AIA (AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS)

14) Whose pond is this? It sounds like it might belong to a fairy tale villain — little hoods and pigs beware. Challengers, what is the name of this pond? WOLFES POND

Pros, The pond is part of what green infrastructure project – unique to Staten Island – to keep rainwater out of the sewer system? BLUEBELT

15) This neighborhood, Sunnyside, shares its name with the Westchester home of what author, who gave us American fairy tale characters like Rip Van Winkle and the Headless Horseman? Challengers, we’re looking for the author’s name. WASHINGTON IRVING

He also created a fake-history of New York City under the pen name Knickerbocker. Pros, what was this fictitious character’s FIRST name? DIEDRICH

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