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10th Annual Panorama Challenge: Final Scores!

NYCentric Events

Thanks to everyone for such a great night, especially the amazing folks at the Queens Museum!

In the heat of the moment I thought we had an Ota Benga Stumper with MONGO.  But I was wrong!  One team got credit for that answer: the Van Wycks.  Well done!

Another team got the answer correct, but since they were Challengers it didn’t count.  They get credit here, however.  Nice job Realistic Expectations, you exceeded expectations with that answer!

The Cheese Strings got a perfect score on the quiz and added a point during the halftime bonus to win the Challenger round.  (The second place teams each got to 30 with bonus points.)

And the long suffering Triboroughs  aced their Challenger questions and squeaked by with a one point margin of victory this year.  The Pro category finished close this year, as usual.

I’ve already begun work on next year’s questions — see you then!

Your Quizmaster,

Jonathan Turer


Triborough Thoroughs 56

Civic Virtue 55

Flatlanders 54

We Have No Clue 51

The Taking of Panorama 123 48

The VanWycks 46

The Rule Breakers 35


Cheese Strings 31

2nd Avenue Stubways 30

Kosciuszko Bridge Preservation Society 30

Zack Attack 29

Uncreative Ones 29

Tappan A to Zee 29

Team Koz 28

The 3 Boroughs 28

Metropolitan Trivia Authority 27

Gotham Gams 27

Hellegat Warriors 27

Norman Mailer for President 26

Shaq Plaque 26

Below the Belt 24

Team Neversink 20

Realistic Expectations 20

The Winners did not finish

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