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Dunwell Doughnuts

Bushwick has many treats, but none so delicious as Dunwell Doughnuts! The best news? Dunwell Dougnuts is ALL VEGAN!

I was attending wedding rehearsal dinner in Bushwick. When I got off the L train Montrose, I was face to face with a quaint old-timey looking doughnut shop beckoning me to come in. When I entered the vintage wood paneled store it was nearly 6 p.m. This meant that the doughnuts were in low supply. Fortunately there were two two flavors left, traditional glazed and coconut. I decided to try the coconut. Biting into the doughnut was a magical moment, indeed! Gooey, soft, bursting with flavor! Every overly dramatic cliché adjective used in every food commercial came flooding into my mind. This was the most delicious doughnut I had ever tasted! I decided to buy and extra to share with my roommate. When she tasted the doughnut, she practically twirled about the apartment with excitement. We decided to research this mysterious doughnut shop and only then discovered it was all vegan!

Dunwell Doughnuts gets it name from its two founders – Dan Dunbar and Christopher Hollowell. (DUNbar + HolloWELL = Dunwell.) Legend has it that they first got their doughnut shop idea after watching an episode of the Simpsons. Watching Homer Simpson consume his favorite treat made these two college friends realize that there were no satisfying all vegan doughnut shops in NYC. Since opening December 6th, 2011, Dunwell Doughnuts has been serving their scrumptious doughnuts and other vegan treats in their comfy Bushwick shop. They even serve vegan ice cream that can be placed on top of a doughnut to create a sundae of joy. They bake their doughtnuts twice day to ensure your personal doughnut is as fresh as can be. They have over 200 flavors, but only serve select flavors on any given day. Their “staple” flavors served every day are traditional glaze, cinnamon sugar, coconut, chocolate, raspberry/blueberry, and jelly filled. Seasonal includes Root Beer, Raspberry Pistachio, Raspberry Rose, Chocolate Mint, Maple Bourbon, and German Chocolate Cake. You can check their facebook page for each day’s flavor offerings.

You can learn more about Dan Dunbar, Christopher Hollowell, and their products on their very extensive website.   The important thing to know is they have hit the jackpot in delicious, and no matter what borough you live in, it is well worth the trip to Montrose street!

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