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Fourth Annual Panorama Challenge Answers and Scores!

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Brought to you by LUNY!, the CR, and the QMA.

On Friday night we hosted the 4th Annual Panorama Challenge at the Queens Museum in Flushing-Meadows Corona Park. It was a blast! Over 250 people came to try and answer obscure geographical geek-tastic questions about the five boroughs of New York City, aided only by audio clue and laser pointer. Easier questions pegged gamers to identify notable Manhattan streets; try this one out:

4) This street used to be home to the “House of Morgan” and the Bank of Manhattan.

Then a laser pointer would highlight . . . Wall street, in Lower Manhattan.

But to separate the wheat from the chaff we had to include some doozies. How about this guy:

44) This park shares a name with an infamous facility that’s now gone although Geraldo’s career lingers on.

The laser pointer zapped down to . . . Willowbrook, in Staten Island (of course!)

View Panorama Challenge 4 in a larger map

Beers were sold and proceeds went to the City Reliquary Museum, in Williamsburgh, where Matt acts as Vice President. The Five Borough Thoroughs, reigning champions in 2011, won only after a three-way tie locked them into an instant-death round. Our serious Qs were assembled by the masters of NY minutia, Kevin Walsh of Forgotten-NY, Dean of NY Tour Guides Lee Gelber, former LUNY! guide Eric Renner Smith and Manhattan Borough Historian Michael Miscione.

Without further ado, the score-cards for the 32 (!!) teams that participated. To get each question, click on the above embedded map. And check out more pictures online here and here.

See you at the 5th Annual Panorama Challenge, with ALL NEW questions!

Big props up to the Five Borough Thoroughs – Winners!

Panorama Challenge 4


AFTER 60 QUESTIONS (Best possible score = 60+5 extra credit answers)

5 Borough Thorough 60
Force Tube Avenue 60
Dead Horse Flotsam 60

Unispherics 59
Your Mom 58
Ft George Gentlemen 57
Fresh Kills 56
Rufus King 55
Red Hookers 55
Oyster Bars 55
Walk the Earth 54
Dome Pieces 54
Board of Estimates 53
Hodgepodge 50
Winners 50

Team Trepid 49
10-20 49
Team Harvey 47
Legislators 47
Maptastic 46
Percepticons 45
Stomping for Stuy 44
The Halsey Bop 44
Service Advisory 41

Lucky Guessers 39
Canal Yards Project 36
BQE 35
Comissioners Plan 31
Dukes of Flatbush 29
Astoria Rulez 21

Team Terry DNF
Queens Crutch DNF

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