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Great New Tour Guides for the New Tour Season

NYC Story Tour Story

Not all Levys’ Unique New York! tour guides are Levys. Four of us are, (and four are also named Matt) but what really makes us successful is working with the best tour guides in New York City. We are happy to welcome 3 new guides into the LUNYverse. They come from very different backgrounds, even different continents but what they share is a passion for New York and the verve and energy that makes them great tour guides.

That's a happy lookin' tour guide, presenting: Ibrahima Diallo!

Ibrahima Diallo has come the farthest to join our family. He’s Senegalese and we met him when we needed a francophone guide for a French Canadian group. We quickly realized that he is simply superb no matter the language, and we’re in the process of snatching him away from his double-decker tour job. Ibrahima says: “I want to become another one of the great NYC stories. I’ve got a good start: from Senegal (West Africa) to Brooklyn (East New York), I’ve continually explored the wonders of my adopted city since 2000. In order to fulfill my never-ending thirst of NY knowledge, I became a licensed sightseeing tour guide in 2008.” More can be read on our website.

Southern Belle Becky Hoffman!

Becky Hoffman, our Southern belle, has had a varied and excited career path, including past lives as an Associate Professor at Georgia State University, a local NBC TV anchor in Atlanta for health and medical reporting, a drummer for a rock band and an international Tour Group traveler, including a six month stint in Southeast Asia! Becky also has more info on our website.

Straight from the streets of Brooklyn, Kristin Singleton!

Kristin Singleton, a native Brooklynite, has traveled and lived far and wide, including 12 years in Milan, Italy as a shopping tour guide. She is also an actor with the Brave New World repertory – Ditmas Park’s neighborhood troupe. She is a rare “maker” guide; somebody whom we met and thought: “She would make a great guide!” and she got her tour guide license within weeks. She then went through our crash training program and is on board our buses. More of her story is on our site.

With these new exciting faces and names in the LUNYverse, we feel we really have the best tour guides in NYC.

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