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Final Scores: 8th Annual Panorama Challenge

NYCentric Events

Congratulations to all! As usual, there were lots of great team names, close scores and smart guesses.  We hope to see you all back next year: same time, same place!

Your Quizmaster,

Jonathan Turer

(best possible score = 30+3 halftime points)

The Hunter Gatherers 29
New York is the World 28
The Elevated Nerds 28
WNYC Radio Spreaders 27
The Flatlanders 27
Give ‘Em Hellgate 27
The Eyes of Dr. Jonathan Zismor 27
The Spuyten Duyvils 27
Metropolitan Trivia Authority 26
Drew’s Clues 26
The Van Wycks 25
The Flushing Queens 24
Magic Garden 24
South By South Slope 24
The Whitestone Expressway 23
Four Seasons 19
The Mixed Hags 19
Below The Belt 18
Hillary Clinton’s Server Did Not Finish

(best possible score = 60+3 halftime points)

The Committee on Manifest Errors 61
Triboros 60
Five-Boro Thoroughs 57
All City Hour/Civic Virtue 53
Clutch Hand and the Wolf 52
The Ad-Hocs 52
The Generalists 50
Notorious PDT 49

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