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Panorama Challenge 8: Q&A Recap

NYCentric Events

Thanks to all for participating in the 8th Annual Panorama Challenge.  Keep an eye out for next year’s date, we’d love to have you all back.

This year included the very first Universal Stumper: Ota Benga.  The next toughest question was about Staten Island once having an NFL team.

Your Quizmaster,

Jonathan Turer



1 This museum is famous for its bones — give its official name please.

American Museum of Natural History (must have ‘American’)

Pros: In 1906 it was also home to a live Congolese man who would later be displayed at the Bronx Zoo. What was the man’s name?

Ota Benga

2 This East Village church is where Peter Stuyvesant’s bones rest.

St Marks of the Bowery

Pros: Which Irish department store magnate’s bones were stolen from this churchyard, later ransomed and returned?

A.T. Stewart

3 When this pond was deepened in 1933 workers unearthed an Ice Age relic. It was big but it wasn’t ‘mammoth’. It was a …? (What creature did they find?)


Pros: This Queens pond used to be part of the Brooklyn water system. What is its name?

Baisley Pond

Misplaced Manhattans

4 Manhattan Avenue runs through this neighborhood, now “home” to Hannah Horvath on HBO.


Pros: The Census says 15% of this neighborhood’s residents claim what nationality?


 5 Manhattan Beach, here, had a march written for it by which brassy composer?

John Philip Sousa

Pros: LIRR President Austin Corbin opened two hotels here within three years. The Manhattan Beach Hotel in 1877 and then which hotel next? (name the other hotel)

The Oriental Hotel

 6 Manhattan College is found in this neighborhood, also home to Horace Mann


Pros: Their sports teams are named the Jaspers, a tribute to their coach who may have invented what baseball tradition? (what baseball tradition was invented by Coach Jasper?)

7th Inning Stretch


7  From 1929-31 Staten Island had a professional sports team that played against the Dodgers and Giants. Which league did the team belong to?


Pros: The team was named for its neighborhood, here. Its biggest fan *might have been* the actress who often uttered the line Awwwwchie?


 8 This park is named for a Puerto Rican ‘Pirate’ who died in a plane. His name?

Roberto Clemente

Pros: On one side is the river, the other side a road, with what Interstate route number?


9 This neighborhood is home to the Bergin Hunt & Fish Club. What’s the name of this ‘atmospheric’ area?

Ozone Park

Pros: Bergin was not actually for hunting or fishing. Instead, it’s best known as home base at the beginning of which gangster’s career? (Which gangster got his start at the club?)

John Gotti

Fun & Games

10 In 1938 Alfred Mosher Butts lived in this neighborhood. Today it’s known for pupusas, momos and papadums. What is its name?

Jackson Heights

Pros: In 1938 Butts invented Lexico, which is now known as what?


11 25 years ago, Spike Lee told a story about the hottest day of the year in this neighborhood. Name the neighborhood

Bedford Stuyvesant (or Bed-Stuy)

Pros: 113 years ago in a candy store in the same neighborhood Rose and Morris Michtom created what fuzzy fun kids’ companion?

Teddy Bear

12 In 1881, here, Puck Magazine’s typography department presented “Studies in Passions and Emotions,” quite probably debuting what common fun phenomenon? Semicolon Right Parenthesis


Pros: Puck Magazine was originally published in which language?


Moses Supposes Erroneously

13 Robert Moses thought he could build a wide highway here. Neighbors stopped him and he had to stack it, creating what pedestrian overlook?

 Promenade (or Esplanade)

Pros: Unfortunately the house at 110 Columbia Heights could not be saved. It was once home to what famous family?

Roebling (Washington and Emily, not John)

14 In 1939 Moses believed he’d build a bridge, here, but was defeated, in part, by a powerful political woman. She might have been the First Lady to stop him. Who was she?

Eleanor Roosevelt

Pros: In defeat, Moses banished which Manhattan attraction to Brooklyn?

(New York) Aquarium

15 In 1962 Moses thought he could build the LOMEX (here) but was prevented, in part, by which famous female?

Jane Jacobs

Pros: LOMEX would have connected which three river crossings?

Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Holland Tunnel


NBA All-Stars

16 Twelve time All Star Dolph Schayes played for this high school, which was named for a NY Governor, best known for a canal. (Name the high school)

DeWitt Clinton

Pros: When Schayes retired he was the NBA’s career points leader, a title now held by which Manhattan-born big man?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Lew Alcindor)

17 Five time All Star Chris Mullin led this University, here, to the NCAA Final Four in 1985.

St Johns (University)

Pros: Mullin, known for his flat top haircut, grew up in this appropriately named neighborhood, previously known as New Amersfoort


18 1980 All Star World B Free went to the high school here, named for the local native tribe which gives the neighborhood its name.


Pros: World B Free shared the halls with fellow student Howard Schultz, one time Seattle SuperSonics owner and current CEO of which world-be-known company.


What’s the connection?

19 It runs from the harbor to nowhere near the ocean, which nautical street is this?

Atlantic Avenue

20 You’ll find a structure 2 1/2 miles long made of plastic, concrete and wood, here. What structure is it?


21 This bridge (Hell Gate Bridge) was built to connect the New Haven Railroad to another major system, with a station in Manhattan. Name the other railroad.

Pennsylvania RR

PROS: For three points, think about your answers and explain what they have in common

Monopoly (Properties)

What’s the Connection II, The Sequel

22 Herald Square used to be home to another massive department store complex whose name completes this skeptical phrase: Would Macy*s tell…..?


23 Many buildings, here, are owned by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc, better known by what name? (Give the name of the group)

Jehovah’s Witnesses

 24 Formerly females-only, this college campus, here, has a theater named for the late Danny Kaye.

Hunter College

PROS: For three points, try to imagine yourself standing in front of these locations. As you look up at the buildings, try to envision what connects them.

Skybridges (or elevated walkways)

Unpopular Art

25 Laguardia banished it from City Hall, Anthony Weiner wanted it out of Queens. So Civic Virtue ended up here. Name this Verdant Grove where it ended up.

Green-Wood (Cemetery)

Pros: Don’t feel bad for the sculptor, his Nathan Hale statue is still at City Hall. Name the artist.

(Frederick) MacMonnies

26 Which Philip Johnson-designed building, here, was briefly home to an Andy Warhol work in 1964?

New York State Pavilion

Pros: Before it was quickly painted over, Warhol’s work depicted 13 what?

Most Wanted Men (or mugshots/criminals)

27 In 1981 a Richard Serra artwork was placed here, in front of a Foley Square building named for a Senator from New York. The senator might have preferred something more ‘convention’al. What was his name?

Jacob Javits

Pros: What was Serra’s steel sculpture called?

Tilted Arc

Peculiar parks

Please interpret the following phrases as names of NYC Parks:

28 Ordinary Overlook Park.

Plane View Park

Pros: This park owes its existence to which Federal Agency’s regulations?

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

29 En Francais: Compulsive cursing condition. Park.

LaTourette Park

Pros: The park is part of Staten Island’s flagship park called what:

The Greenbelt

30 Inlet of the Cheater.

Swindler Cove

Pros: The park owes its life to Bette Midler’s organization, NYRP which stands for what?

New York Restoration Project



AUDIO CLUES: Name the five ARTISTS you just heard. Get all five right for one point. (These songs were either released or hit #1 on the charts betweeen 1/1/65 and 3/6/65. )

Rolling Stones (Heart of Stone)

John Coltrane (A Love Supreme)

Petula Clark (Downtown)

The Temptations (My Girl)

Johnny Cash (Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright)


Choose which World’s Fair each attraction belongs to: 1939, 1964, BOTH or NEITHER Get all seven right for one point.

Festival of Gas: 1964

Lifesavers Parachute Jump: 1939

Perisphere: 1939

Unisphere: 1964

GM’s Futurama: Both

Port Authority Heliport: 1964

Elvis Presley in: It Happened at the World’s Fair: Neither


THE WORLD OF 1965: Get all five right for one point

What began happening all across NYC at 5:27pm November 9, 1965? BLACKOUT

Helen Gurley Brown took over at what magazine in 1965? COSMOPOLITAN

In ’65 Bhaktivedanta Swami began chanting what ubiquitous and familiar mantra in the E.Village? HARE KRISHNA

What began operations on the roof of the Pan Am Building in 1965? HELIPORT

The Vivian Beaumont Theater opened at what location in 1965? LINCOLN CENTER

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