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Tour Guiding in NYC: A Great Full Time or Part Time Career Option!


Become a NYC Tour Guide! Do you love NYC? Do you know an incredible amount about it? Do you love to talk and be the center of attention?

  • 53 Million Tourists visited NYC last year and tourism is NYC’s fastest growing business

  • Freelance Tour Guides make $50-$75 an hour

  • Meet people from all over the world

  • Work Part time or Full time

  • Work outdoors

Learn from Mark Levy, founder and owner and “Tourfather” of the The Levys Unique New York! NY’s First Family of Tour Guides and Gideon Levy, founder and owner of NYC Gangster Tours,  two of the most successful, innovative and engaging tour businesses in NYC.

Full course includes two classes in tour guiding craft, content and style, group and time management, vast networking opportunities and an introduction meeting at the premier professional tour guide association in New York City, where you might meet your next employer.

Full Course: $150
We believe that the course is tax deductible as an educational or professional expense, but check with your tax professional.

You’ll learn

  • Tips for passing the NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs Tour Guide License Test

  • The insider details of the massively lucrative NYC tour and travel industry

  • Essentials of the tour guide trade: gear, techniques, routes and itineraries

  • Essential NYC themes: geography, history, biography, infrastructure, culture

  • How to find tourism jobs or create your own tourism or travel start-up

Contact [email protected] with questions and to find out about the next scheduled TGA! Or ask about having a private course all for yourself!

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